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What Are The Causes of Lung Cancer

What Are The Causes of Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is a type of cancer that brings about the changes that are genetic and epigenetic that generally damage the DNA. The changes generally disrupt the normal functioning of a cell like cell poliferation, cell growth, and the repair of DNA. More the damage takes place to the cells, more is the risk of cancer.

What Are The Causes of Lung Cancer

What Are The Causes of Lung Cancer

Cause 1 (smoking):-

cigarette smoking is the main thing that causes lung cancer in most of the cases. The smoke coming out of a cigarette contains at least seventy three known carcinogenic substances like radioisotope polonium etc.

Passive smoking or second hand smoking is also a culprit to lung cancer. Even the non smokers are at the risk of lung cancer if they sit near by to a smoker and get in contact of the smoke from his cigarette.

Cause 2 (radon gas and smoking marijuana):-

radon gas being colorless and odourless gas that generates by the breakdown of radio active radium becomes a major health hazard when ionised it causes mutations causing lung cancer.

Smoking marijuana can have many of the same carcinogenic substances in it as the tobacco smoke does being a risk factor to develop lung cancer. Radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer in u.s.a causing about twenty one thousand deaths each year.

Cause 3 (air pollution):-

air pollution is also a major risk factor that causes lung cancer. Sulfate aerosols and fine particulates released during traffic exhaust fumes cause lung cancer. The burning of charcoal, wood, dung or crop residue in houses can also prove to result in lung cancer. Burning coal in industries or coal gasification or tar pitch are likely to emit an ionizing radiation either an x-radiation or gamma radiation .

Cause 4 (inheriditary factors):-

lung cancer is caused in eight percent of the cases due to inherited factors. If you are in relation of a cancerous person, the risk increases 2.4 times. Scientists explain it as a combination of genes that causes this risk.

Cause 5 (occupations, and environmental exposures):-

some metals like al ,ca , ch , be , fe and ni, are a result of underground mining that can be hazaradous and be cancerous in many ways. The place where you work and the environment you live in is also responsible being a risk factor to develop lung cancer in some patients. If you work in an environment with a risk of carcinogenic smoke, you should either get hired on some other work or used preventive measures.

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