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Causes of Bullying and Definition of Bullying

Causes of Bullying, definition of bullying, physical bullying


The act of suppressing, beating, threatening or trying to humiliate someone because of his or her physical weakness. The guys who have a much strengthened physical looks, go for the practice of this approach so as to create impact on others so as to either suppress them or to make them get feared. This thing has been found to make children feel reluctant going to schools, change their behavior and sometimes even some cases of suicides have been reported when the individual who suffered bullying go mentally hurt much because of it. There can be many underlying causes of bullying and some of those causes have been reported here by us.

Causes of Bullying and Definition of Bullying

Causes of Bullying and Definition of Bullying

1. Lack of Parental Attention:-

Lack of parental attention comes amongst the first and foremost causes of bullying. Those kids who do not get attention from their parents undergo a social feeling of inferiority complex amongst them and thus choose to be bad instead of developing good manners. These type of cases are the main culprit behind bullying.

2. A Home Environment With Excessive Fights:-

The kids who live in an environment where people keep on fighting with each other and even the parents are quiet irresponsible towards their duties to each other, the children are likely to develop bullying habit in them as a negative result of it. Those who are not able to keep their fights into a single room, really can make their kid a bully kind of fellow.

3. A Case of Getting Bullied May Even Make You Bully Others:-

It has been seen that the child who was quiet skinny in the childhood and often used to get bullied by the others and manages to get a tough look somehow by workouts, starts bullying others after attaining the physical growth and thus a case of getting bullied in the past can even make one bully others in future.

4. A Feeling That Somebody Got What You Deserved:-

Sometimes it is that we have been waiting for something in our life, but we see that someone has got that thing. These situations are also likely to make a bully kind of person out of us. If a parent has got two children and he treats one of the children better than the other, this might make, the less cared one feel a kind of inferiority complex resulting in making him bully.

5. Jealousness Because of What Someone Got In His Life:-

Sometimes it is that we have been expecting for something since a long period of time, but we see that the thing that we had been longing to get has been achieved by someone and this makes a development of an anger like feeling in us what makes us bully that person.

6. Not Able to Manage Anger:-

Sometimes the people who are weak at anger management try to deal with others showing anger what is seen as an act of bullying. Some people get agitated much often and even start abusing the people they hate on social networking web sites what we call as cyber bullying.


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