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How to Obtain a Catering License in Virginia

How to Obtain a Catering License in VA


Virginia or commonwealth of Virginia is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States.  Virginia VA is nicknamed as “Old Dominion” due to its status as the first colonial possession established under the British America. Catering on the other hand is a business of providing food service at remote site or a site such as hotel, pub, or any other such location. Catering in Virginia is an accepted and great way of business, but it needs a proper way to be done and executed. You have to obtain a catering license in order to serve as a caterer in VA. In order to get a catering license in Virginia, you can follow the following steps:-

How to Obtain a Catering License in Virginia

How to Obtain a Catering License in Virginia

1. Work with Local Health Departments:-

Virginian caterers have to work with their local health departments in order to license their operations as retail food business. They have to apply for state and local licenses required to operate business in Virginian areas. Though if you are an individual rather than being a business, you may not require such licenses but if you have got a faculty or employees, it will get mandatory for you to obtain such licenses.

2. If You Have Employees:-

If you have employees working with your catering unit, you will need to get registered with the state and federal government offices. You need a state business license, a food service permit and a federal government permit of keeping employees if your business is not a very small business. An employee identification number is sent to you via IRS and you are also sent with a quarterly tax form once you get your employees registered with the federal government.

3. Separate License for Serving Beverages:-

If your catering unit also deals with the serving of beverages such as beer, alcohol etc. you will also need to get a separate license from State’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Alcohol permit is always necessary for you if you are dealing with the serving of alcoholic beverages as not doing so can be considered an offense.

4. Depends On the Level of Your Business:-

The formalities that you have to make depend on the level of your business. This may be variable if you are a corporation, this may vary again, if you are a proprietor or if you are a large scale proprietor. If you deal in many areas together, you might have to consider licensing at national level or getting licensed separately for each area that you get connected with.

5. Licensing for the Commercial Kitchen:-

A catering kitchen is never considered a normal kitchen and instead it is treated as a commercial one. Now running a commercial kitchen again needs you to contact the local health department for getting license to run it.

6. Keep a Record of Everything:-

Even if you get these licenses does not means that you got spared from your duties. Your duty as a catering entrepreneur does not end here, but instead it starts here. You will need to keep a track and record of expenses, earning, spending, maintenance, payrolls, tax deductions and simply every other thing related to your business, keeping the bills safeguarded with yourself as a proof so that you may be able to show them when asked for.


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