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How to Care For Wet Shoes in Rain

How to Care For Wet Shoes in Rain


Who does not like rain? Approximately all of us like rain and we also like to make ourselves wet in the rain drops that fall from the sky. In some cases when we are either coming home from office/school or reaching there, or any other such institution and when suddenly it rains, we are likely to get completely wet. In such cases, even our shoes are likely to get wet. Though our body as well as clothes manages to dry them after a certain period of time, but the shoes still remain wet as our socks absorb a significant amount of moisture in them and thus tend to stay wet for a longer period of time. In such a time, we can bring these easy steps in use to care for the wet shoes:-

How to Care For Wet Shoes in Rain

How to Care For Wet Shoes in Rain

1. Choose Rain boots if you Suspect Rain to Arrive:-

When small rain drops are falling or when you see rain bearing clouds in the sky, you should replace your regular leather shoes with the special rain boots which are long enough to prevent water from coming inside. You can make changes with the dress that you wear as well.

2. Squeeze Your Shoe In Order To Get Moisture Out of it:-

If you have already been made wet by raindrops, you should take your shoes out first of all and then you should also take out the socks. Spread the socks on any surface and then squeeze the shoes in order to take moisture or water out of them. Take the shoes laces out and then put the shoes in a topside-down position against any wall of your house.

3. Rub It With A Brush If Needed:-

Sometimes in rains, the sewage pipelines meet an overflow and in such situations, the shoes get flooded with all the filth that rain water gets mixed with after coming in contact with the sewage water flowing over roads and making the under bridges waterlogged. Rub your shoes gently with a brush if there is any filth stuck in them before placing them for getting dried.

4. Use Hair Dryer Or Keep Them Under Fan If Needed:-

If you have no separate pair of shoes and you have to wear the same shoes within a couple of hours once again, put them under the fan’s air for some time and keep using a hair dryer against them to make them exposed to the hot air coming out of it. Though this won’t make them completely dry, but surely the shoes can be bought into use again like this.

5. Polish Them Once They Get Dry:-

When your shoes get dried, just give them a touch of liquid polish to make them shine like new once again. You can use paper sheets under your feet if there is still some moisture left within the shoe. You can also use cotton instead of paper sheets if available.

6. Keep them under the Sun If Moisture Persists:-

Put a few pouches of silica gel inside your wet shoes or place them under the sun to make them get dried perfectly. Put back the laces once again and wear them the way you want. In some pure leather shoes, it is not advised to keep them under the sun and you have to dry them under fan only. In such cases, read the wash care instructions before washing your shoes.


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