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Car and Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

Car and Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers


You may call a driver trained when he knows how to drive, but not a perfect driver till he knows all the things that can make him drive safely. In order to go for the safe driving approaches, you should know some road safety tips that you will have too keep in your mind while driving so as to stay safe while driving and some of those tips have been explained by us in this article.

Car and Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

Car and Motorcycle Safety TipsĀ  for Drivers

1. Strictly Adhere to The Speed Limit:-

The first road safety tip that I will like to tell you is to strictly adhere to the speed limits. When you are driving, many sigh boards come to your way that are visible even at nights and these sign boards have some sign as well as the speed limit written on them. You will need to strictly follow this speed limit so as to stay safe on roads.

2. Keep a Watch at The Traffic Signals:-

There are traffic signals fixed at every crossing and these include three lights. The lights are of three colors amongst which the green color means you can drive ahead, red lights means you should stop and Yellow light means you should wait while keeping your vehicle in the cue. If there is no signal implemented at some place, there will be a traffic policeman standing there for sure and thus you should keep a watch on the signals that he makes with his hands to stop or to move.

3. Speed Slow at The Breakers:-

You are advised to keep your vehicle slow in speed while you cross the breakers. The purpose of breakers is itself to make your speed go slow and thus in order to make safe driving, you should make your vehicle go slow while crossing these.

4. Safety Measures Inside The Car And On A Bike:-

If you are in a car, you should apply seat belts so as to stay safe while driving and if you are on a bike, helmet is necessary for you. Not just for the driver, but the passenger on the pillion seat must also have a helmet on his head soon as to stay safe while driving.

5. Take Care of the Pedestrians:-

You should wait till the pedestrians are crossing the road and you should follow this rule strictly at the zebra crossing. You are advised to stay slow on the inner roads of the city while you can go somewhat faster on the outer roads that do not have people crossing them much often.

6. Maintain A Safe Distance:-

If you are driving some vehicle on road, you are advised to maintain a safe distance with the other vehicles. There should be a distance enough between two vehicles that prevents them from colliding together when the breaks are applied all of a sudden. You are advised not to drink and drive and you are advised not even to use your mobile while driving as well. You are advised to make a proper usage of horn as well as indicators so as to prevent any unfortunate situation happen with you.


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