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Why Can’t You Marry Your Relatives

Why Can’t You Marry Your Relatives


It is a tradition as well as rule that we get married to someone who is not from our family relations. In some of the areas rather there is a rule that one can’t get married with a person from one’s own caste and even not in the other castes from the same village. In some of the religions, there is a provision to get married with anyone except the one born from one’s own mother and these can be similar other customs, rules and regulations depending from area to area.  Now, this arises a question in our mind that why such rules and regulations have been made and why can’t one get married with one’s own cousin or relative. Some of the reasons to this question can be described as follows:-

Why Can’t You Marry Your Relatives

Why Can’t You Marry Your Relatives

1. Why Such Questions arise:-

People often question, can I marry my relatives? This question arises because our relatives are the ones whom we stay with and we keep on hearing news of exceptional cases committing the same in news headlines as well. Even Queen Victoria had got married with her cousin and thus such questions are likely to rise.

2. Ads to the Number of Diseases and Weakness:-

Marrying your relatives invites diseases.  Even Queen Victoria married her cousin, but the same queen was associated with many health disorders because of this. Non-related couples always have a less chance of developing such health disorders, but people who are relatives and get married will surely experience double the risk.

3. You Have To Be Social While Living In A Society:-

It is a rule that you have to be social while living in the society and then one who is not socialized will always have to suffer being boycotted. Relations have been made with some reason and the one who goes against it will always be considered an anti-social element in some religions. Though religions like Islam allow you to marry some of your relative, but even they forbid and refuse you to marry with a child born from your own mother.

4. The Side Effects of doing so:-

The children of such people are born with birth disorders and most of these birth disorders are carried forward to the further off-springs as well. The one who wishes not to take such a risk with his/her child should thus always stay away from doing inter-relation marriage.

5. Laws Based From State To State:-

There are laws that differ from state to state and region to region regarding this topic. In countries like India where khaap panchayat’s take a majority of decisions, it is never allowed to marry one’s cousin and even if someone goes against the society, they are abducted beheaded to death. Though governments of some areas even do not allow this process of abduction, but still such processes are prevalent and even if you are not abducted, still you are likely to face a complete boycott.

6. The Sister Factor:-

The one who is your cousin is considered your sister or brother. You can’t ever marry your sister or brother as the definition of sister/brother and partner is always different. Many societies consider a cousin to be second name of sibling and thus such marriages are likely to face opposition.


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