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How to Cancel Reserved Train Ticket

How to Cancel Reserved Train Ticket


Reservation for railway ticket system serves as a method of reserving your seat in a particular train for a particular destination. Simply book your seat in a particular compartment while getting it reserved for you and you get sorted. The seat would be booked on your name and there would be dedicated seating plans, glued to the particular compartment of the train where you can remain while the rest of your journey, but in some of the cases the reserved seat needs to be cancelled in case you are not able to move for the decided journey and In order to get a train compartment seat cancelled that you had reserved for yourself for a particular journey, you may choose to follow the following steps that we are providing here:-

How to Cancel Reserved Train Ticket

How to Cancel Reserved Train Ticket

1. Simply reach the reservation booth and get the ticket cancelled:-

The best way to get a railway reserved ticket cancelled is to reach the dedicated reservation booth in time and return the reserved ticket to him asking for a suitable refund. The ticket issuer will return you the decided amount and your ticket will be cancelled and your seat will be given to someone else.

2. The online cancellation:-

At some of the places where the railway reservation system also deals with online procedure of issuing and cancelling of tickets, you may choose to go for the online cancellation of tickets as well. Simply reach the online reservation website, read the terms and conditions and go for the cancellation of your ticket.

3. The level of refund made:-

The level of refund made depends upon the conditions that have been offered by the railways authority for the purpose of cancellation of the reserved tickets. You may enquire the same either online or you may even reach the reservation booth and get them cancelled within the specified time limit.

4. No refund in case you bring it after departure:-

In some of the cases where you get too much late than the dedicated time limit for the refund of ticket amount, you might not get any sum of money as a refund and you can’t even make a claim in such cases. Read the railway conditions carefully before going for the reservation and cancellation of tickets.

5. The rules related to the cancellation of a ticket:-

If the ticket has been bought for cancellation more than forty eight hours in advance than the dedicated time for ticket to be returned, you may get a minimum per passenger cancellation charge shall be deducted at the flat rate of rupees one hundred and twenty for air-conditioned first class or executive class, rupees one hundred for air-conditioned-II tier or first class, rupees ninety for air-conditioned III-tier or 3 economy or air-conditioned chair car, rupees sixty for sleeper class and rupees thirty for second class. There is much other similar kind of rules that include the refund to be made according to the specified conditions. The earlier you go for the cancellation of tickets, the more you get refund back and the late you get in making the refund, the less you get the refunded amount from the railway department’s side.