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How to Cancel Amazon Order Before Shipping

How to Cancel Order on Amazon is a shopping based website with many co-partners working with it all over the world. Amazon deals with applications, apparels, books, videos, games, video games, electronics, clothing, gadgets and simply every other thing of everyday need. One simply needs to reach the Amazon website and watch out the products to choose a specific one for himself in order to purchase goods of his choice from this website which once added to cart, is displayed in it as a shopped item. If you wish to remove anything later from the cart, there are some steps to do it which can be mentioned as follows:

How to Cancel Amazon Order Before Shipping

How to Cancel Amazon Order Before Shipping

1. Go To Your Account To Use Amazon With It:-

In order to cancel any specific order, you will first of all need to open up your Amazon account. You can do this on the mobile application as well. When your Amazon account gets opened, simply go to your orders in order to track them. Amazon always keeps a record of all the orders that you have ordered from it.

2. Click Cancel Items Option After Reaching Your Account:-

There is a dedicated option in your Amazon account to cancel the items purchased. There is a cart which shows the items ready to be purchased and there is an option “Your Orders” which can be clicked in order to check or track your orders. Simply find your order in this menu and click on “Cancel Order” option.

3. Select Items Which You Wish To Remove:-

This step follows you to select and cancel each item which you wish to remove from the ordered item list. Select the box next to each item that needs to be removed. Select all the items if you wish to cancel the entire order. By selecting the placed orders, you are making them ready for cancellation process.

4. Click Cancel Checked Items To Cancel Your Order:-

Coming downside after clicking the specific checkboxes near the items which need to be removed, you will be required to click cancel checked items option provided below. Clicking this option means you wish to cancel all the orders checked by you with the tick mark that you placed in front of them.

5. Receive A Message on Your Provided E-Mail I.D:-

When you make an account on Amazon, they ask you for an E-mail I.D. which can be bought in use in future to make any contact (If required) with you. After the orders get cancelled, Amazon will send you a message through E-mail on that specific I.D telling you that your order has been cancelled.

6. Visit “Your Orders” Section to Confirm the Cancellation:-

After you have received this message on your pre-provided E-mail I.D, you can reach your account again in order to check if orders have been removed or not. You can do this by entering the “Your Orders” section again after reaching your account. Simply double check and confirm if the items have been removed from the place or not and if the items have been removed, your order has been cancelled successfully.


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