How Can You Tell Poisonous Mushrooms (6 Steps)

How Can You Tell Poisonous Mushrooms

How Can You Tell Poisonous Mushrooms


Mushrooms are found growing anywhere, including the under portion of tress, in between the grass, around the pebbles kept by you in the park or even where there is filth as well. Though most of us must have eaten mushrooms and to some point of time if you are camping somewhere and wish to make your own food with a source of mushrooms found nearby, you are much likely to try using these for the cooking purpose and it is ok to do so, but before going for it, you should once try to recall if the mushroom kind you have come across is poisonous or not and in order to do so, some tips can be followed.

How Can You Tell Poisonous Mushrooms

How Can You Tell Poisonous Mushrooms

1. Do Not Eat If You Are Not Fully Sure:-

There are countless types of mushrooms and we can’t surely describe one species to be poisonous or not till lab testing is not done, but if you are in some place where it is not possible for you to go for expert or lab testing, it is better you do not eat that kind of mushroom.

2. If It Is Wild, It May Be Hard To Digest If Eaten Raw:-

The wild mushrooms if eaten raw can create a tremendous stomach pain for you as these are the ones that often stay undigested if you eat them raw or without cooking and this is why we always advise you to stay away of wild mushrooms even if they seem to be unpoisonous to you.

3. Don’t Have the Half Eaten Mushrooms:-

The mushrooms that are half eaten by some creature or some insect should never be consumed. Neither directly nor even after cooking as these may turn out to be poisonous for you. Stay away from the ones who are a living habitat of some insect.

4. Better Consult Some Professional:-

If you feel doubtful about a certain kind of species of mushrooms, you should try consulting some professional before consuming it in order to know if it is suitable for eating or not. All the kinds or breeds of mushrooms can’t be explained in one go and thus there is a need for this advice to be taken.

5. To Avoid the Poisonous Characteristics:-

There are several species of mushrooms that include the parasol-shaped mushrooms, or mushrooms that look like wide-open umbrellas with white rings around the stem and white milky gills. These are the ones that are poisonous or unsuitable for the human eating or consuming and thus should be avoided.

6. The Cultured Farm Mushrooms Are Ok:-

If you are in a place where you find the cultured mushrooms that are planted by the farmers in their fields growing over the heap of manure, these are the ones that you may choose to eat as the organically cultivated mushrooms in farms can be eaten without even thinking for once. The cultivated ones are poison free as these are meant for the purpose of kitchen needs.