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How Can We Stop Dowry System

how to stop dowry system


Dowry can be explained as the name for money taken in the form of property/cash/materials of daily usage or any other form of money transfer to marry a girl. It is a kind of payment from the bride’s family to the groom in order to take care of her. Most of the people take it as a traditional custom, but there are also a number of people affected by it as well. In most of the cases, dowry demands get so high that the bridal party has to sell off all their property in order to fulfill the dowry demands of groom’s side which is an offense. The need of hour is thus to seek ways to stop this system of dowry which can be done adopting the following ways in your life:-

How Can We Stop Dowry System

How Can We Stop Dowry System

1. Take a Pledge That we won’t give it and we won’t take it:-

The first thing that we can do in this direction is to take a pledge that we won’t ever give or take dowry. We should also teach this to our children as well. When everyone takes this pledge on an individual level, dowry will get eliminated in a very easy way from society.

2. Make People Aware about what they are doing:-

Benjamin Franklin has rightly said,” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. We can try making people aware about the drawbacks of taking and giving dowry. The more people get aware in this direction, the more will they be encouraged to stop giving and taking it.

3. Do Not Be Greedy Even if you take it as a Custom:-

Some people take dowry as a custom. They take it as a way of ensuring their daughter’s future and rather take it as a gift of marriage in which they purchase everything related to after married life for their daughter say a television, refrigerator, microwave, sofa set, car, scooter etc. The other party which is of Groom’s side thus becomes greedy and makes inappropriate demands. If we satisfy in whatever we have and focus on sheer hard work rather than getting these gifts for free from the bride’s side, dowry system will automatically get stopped.

4. Never go For a Marriage with Dowry Included:-

I am a boy and I personally think that if we guys and girls take a pledge that we will never get married with dowry included in it, dowry system will completely get eliminated. Guys can rather plan to purchase all these things themselves, for their wife by first focusing on their career and financial condition so that their wives may feel proud of them.

5. Never Take Your Daughter as a Formality:-

There is a problem with the Indian society. Here daughters are taken as a formality and son’s are taken as a responsibility. It is thought that a son will bring forward the family name while a daughter is just meant to reach someone else’s house to be pride of their home and family. They take their daughter as a formality and wish to get rid of her as soon as possible. They are ready to pay any amount of dowry as show off, which brings about a change of temperament in the groom’s family and they wish to demand more. You should never take your daughter as a formality if you wish to stop dowry system.


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