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How Many Times Can True Love Happen

how many times can true love happen


How many times can love happen, you are obvious to ask this question is you have fallen in love and then met a break-up or anything else which is unfortunate about a particular relationship. Well, if you ask me truly, love can happen dozen times to a person. It all depends on the type of feelings that you come across during this time. If someone came into your life and your feelings were pure for him or her, it never gives you a guarantee that the person will also love you for the rest of life. Sometimes, the old people are expected to change and new people are expected to arrive.

how many times can true love happen

How Many Times Can True Love Happen

1. Can Love Happen Twice:-

I always used to ask this question from myself, “Can love happen twice”. Soon I heard about author Ravinder Singh’s novel with the same name. I purchased it and felt motivated. My life had met a pause after breaking up with my partner, but soon I found another girl who really cares about me.

2. People Come And Go, It’s The Rule of Life:-

People come and go; it is the rule of life. If someone left you or made a decision of leaving your company for someone else, he/she never deserved your love and instead you deserve someone better. The people who judge us by our looks are never in love. They are just beauty charmed fellows.

3. You Just Keep Your Feelings Pure and Pious:-

People often ask me that what kind of temperament should be followed in a relationship. Well, you should keep your relationship pure and pious. Stay loyal with your partner and try to maintain trust while doing so. If your partner ditches you, just move on and get a life. Leave the rest to god. Someone better is sure to arrive in your life.

4. Know the Definition of True Love:-

Love is not the name of expecting, it is just a name of giving. People say that true love just happens once, but they can’t ever adjudge the fact that which one amongst your lovers was true. Everybody deserves a chance. If love meets a failure one time, you should thus give yourself a second chance.

5. Not Just Twice but Thrice As Well:-

People say that love can’t happen twice, but instead I say that love can happen twice and it can happen thrice as well. When I was born, my first love was my mother. When I was in first class standard, my class teacher really attracted me. I had a girlfriend when I was in the eighth class. I had changed many girlfriends till 12th standard, but ultimately all such relations faced a break-up. Finally, I got married to a girl who is my wife and I decided to spend my entire life with her. I had fallen in love twenty to thirty times before I finally found my love. Love surely knocks your door before coming, you just have to wait for the perfect person to arrive.

6. One Sided Or Two Sided:-

If your relation met a break-up, It is sure that your love was a one sided love. Even if it was a two sided one, it is still likely to meet break-up because of a variety of factors. Life is about living and not about meeting a pause. If your love is one sided, you should give yourself some more time to find a true partner.


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