How Can Snakes Move Without Legs

How Can Snakes Move Without Legs


Snakes are tube like creatures that crawl on land instead of walking as they don’t have the dedicated hands or feet for the same reason. People make various guesses about this creature saying that it can move or it can walk, but there comes a question that for walking or moving, you need legs and when being a creature that has no leg, how can a snake be able to move? Well an answer to this question has been put forward by us in this article that is sure to clear all your doubts.

How Can Snakes Move Without Legs

How Can Snakes Move Without Legs

How Do We Make Movements?

Talking about movement in humans, while we are walking, we are actually pushing the ground backwards with our legs and when the ground experiences as back force, we move forward. When moving, a man will be pushing the ground this way and thus if snakes need to move, they surely need some medium to push the ground. In case of snakes, there are dedicated scales for this purpose and though a snake does not have legs but still it can move.

Creating a Contradiction:-

Instead of a feet or hand, snakes have got fine scales on their bellies that act somewhat in a way the feet do to a human. These scales enable a snake to push their bodies along the ground and thus be able to make movement on ground. The scales are moved ahead with the help of body muscles that in turn pushes the snake forward and these scales act voluptuously vigorous in water tearing up the currents Which Is Why a Snake Is Able to Move Very Much Faster In Case It Is Floating in Water.

The Other False Beliefs about Snakes:-

There are many other false beliefs prevailing in the society and one amongst these beliefs is that the snakes get attracted to the snake charmer’s tune; well actually the snakes hate this tune. The belief that people have got in their minds is that snakes drink milk. Well, in reality there is no snake that drinks milk and instead the body of a snake is spongy and this spongy body absorbs the milk instead.

Some people even say that some snakes have got wings and they can fly. Well to such people I will like to tell them, there is no snake that has got wings and instead there are some snakes that can jump from one branch of the tree to other branch which looks like the snakes are flying and thus people start making false beliefs like this.


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