How Much Calories Do You Burn When You Sleep

How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?


A Calorie refers to the amount of energy taken in order to burn a specific amount of food taken. Each and every food item that we take has got a specific calorie specification with it and the more calories we take, the tougher it gets to our body systems to burn those calories. The best approach till date to burn up the calories taken is to stop taking further more calories and to work out more to burn up the previously taken calories. Some even stay doubtful if our body can burn calories even while sleeping or not and thus here we are explaining exactly to how much extent the calories are burnt be human body while sleeping.

How Much Calories Do You Burn When You Sleep

How Much Calories Do You Burn When You Sleep?

1. Depends partially On the Time When You Had Your Food:-

The calories that you burn while sleeping depends first of all on the time when you had taken the food and also on the other factors like Heartburn and excess energy. The less food you had taken during the night, the more are your chances to burn more of the calories.

2. Absorption Takes Calories and Persists All the Night If Food Taken Earlier:-

Suppose you sleep at 10:45 in night but you take food at around 8 in the night, the food is likely to get absorbed taking calories and is likely to persist for all the night but if you had taken food much close to the time you got asleep say at around 8 in the night and got asleep at 8:30, you are likely to burn only a few calories like this.

3. More Calories Are Burnt In Deep Sleep As Brain Is Highly Active In R.E.M:-

The period of deep sleep which is also referred as the period of REM or Rapid Eye Movement is a time when most of the calories are burnt during the night. The brain is highly active during this period and this proves to be a reason why most of the calories get burnt during this period only.

4. At Least 30 Calories Per Hour If You Are Weighted Fifty Kilograms:-

Talking about the exact amount of calories that are burnt while you are sleeping, it is around at least 30 calories per hour if you have a weight of approximately fifty kilograms. The more you weight, the less calories get burnt and thus you should have a controlled weight.

5. Partially On Your Weight As Well:-

As I told you earlier, the amount of calories that gets burnt while you are sleeping is partially dependent on your weight as well and for this purpose I would say that the less your weight, the more calories you burn. The amount of exercises added to your day schedule also makes an impact on the amount of calories that you have taken.

6. Partially On the Type of Food that you had:-

The amount of calories that get burnt while sleeping also depends on the fact how much food you had during the night. Suppose you had a bulky diet, you are likely go have less calories burnt but if you had taken only a small amount of food, you will meet more burn of calories for sure.


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