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How to Calm Down your Wife when Angry and Upset

How to Calm Down Your Angry Wife


Wives are seriously hazards sometimes when you make them angry. This can be because of any reason. Say you come home late from the office and do not give an explanation, even when she asks it or when she spends her efforts in making some dish for you and still you forget to pass a compliment to her. There can be any particular situation but wives are always careful about the attention that you give them and they get angry when you forget to give that attention or make some mistake which is not appreciable. In all such situations, it is never late if you manage to calm her down. If the same situation has taken place with you as well, these tips will for sure be beneficial for you:-

How to Calm Down your Wife when Angry and Upset

How to Calm Down your Wife when Angry

1. Get Movie Tickets for Her If You Have Broken a Promise:-

If your wife is angry because of some broken promises, just purchase movie tickets for this weekend before arriving at your house. For example, if your wife asked you to get with her for dinner outside, but you got late because of some office work, she will be in an angry mood when you return back home from office but that anger will soon turn into happiness when you hand over the movie tickets to her.

2. Appreciate the Food That She Makes For No Reason:-

Even if you forgot this idea while coming back at home, you should quietly listen to all the argument that she passes and then you can enter the kitchen to have your food. Don’t forget to appreciate the food even if it is not delicious enough. Receiving such complements for no reason, your wife will really feel happy.

3. Change the Topic by Flirting While Passing Endless Complements:-

Just start passing endless complements for your wife when she scolds you in a flirting kind of tone. For example, If your wife begins scolding you on any topic, start speaking like this,” O dear, you look so beautiful when you get angry. I wish I could just grab you and cuddle you at this moment”. Her temper will soon get changed seeing this romantic avatar of her husband.

4. Kiss Her All of A Sudden By Carrying Her In Your Arms:-

Even if your clash turns into a fight and your wife starts crying, just grab her in your arms and carry her forward to your living room. Kiss her very much passionately and smooch her like anything. Her tears will soon turn into happiness and she will feel less angry on what you have done.

5. Agree To Every Point Like a Child Saying Yes Mam:-

When your wife makes complaints for all wrong that you have done, just keep listening to her arguments like a small kid saying “Yes mam” with each argument that she passes. When she finishes speaking just make an apology saying sorry. After apologizing, make a remark that you deserve a punishment for committing a mistake and thus she is the queen today and you are her slave. Enter the kitchen and begin cooking for her. Cook her favorite dish with your hands and soon all her anger will get vanished like anything.


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