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How to Calculate Your actual Age

how to calculate your age in years months and days


Your age is the sum count of years that you have seen in live after getting born. For example, if I say that I am twenty two in age, this means that I have seen twenty two years of my life after coming into this world. A child stays for nine months in the mother’s womb, but that time is never added while calculating someone’s age. When you finally arrive in this world, we count your age in days, weeks, months and then ultimately in terms of years. Here is a simple way in which you can easily calculate your age or someone else’s age who asks you to calculate it.

How to Calculate Your actual Age

How to Calculate Your actual Age

1. Consider the Date of Birth:-

In order to calculate your age, you will first of all need to consider your date of birth. For example, my date of birth is 2nd May, 1993. You can find your date of birth on your tenth class mark sheet or your birth certificate and even on the other such documents like passport, Visa, Driving license etc.

2. Note Down the Current Date:-

Now in the next step, we will note down the current date. For example, today is 3rd of March, 2016. Just note down this date on a piece of paper like this “03-03-2016”. Just below this number on your piece of paper, you have to write your date of birth. I.e. 02-05-1993”. Put a subtract or minus “-“sign before this number.

3. Subtract one from the other:-

Now we will subtract one of the dates from the other in terms of year first of all to find the age in years. When we subtract 1993 from 2016, we get 23 as a result. But as I was born in May month and it is still the month of March, we will consider the age as 22 years and some months. These months will be counted from the 22nd year of my age. I.e. after 2nd May 2015 which is approximately ten months and hence my age becomes 22 years and ten months.

4. Accurate Calculation for Accurate Age:-

For accurate information about my exact age, I will also add the number of days that I have lived after the end of this tenth month. As it is the third date of the eleventh month that I am living after year 2015, we will subtract the date which was on the date of my birthday from today’s date. i.e. we will subtract “2” from “3” which becomes “1” and hence my age thus becomes 22 years, 10 months and 1 day. I can even manage to calculate hours, minutes and seconds if I wish to get more accurate about it.

5. Online Age Calculators:-

If you still feel confused about making calculations, I have bought a simpler solution for you. Just click one of the below mentioned websites and enter your date of birth on the web page that opens. The online age calculator will itself tell you your age as well as the number of days you have lived till now. Here I am mentioning two such websites.

6. Avoid Flaws in Calculations:-

If there is no internet connection available and you try to make calculations about your age, just keep in mind to be accurate during calculations and follow the same approach that I have bought into use here to find my age. Avoid flaws in your calculations and use calculator if possible.


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