How to Calculate Bodily Injury Settlement


Car accident to a slip or fall case can generate two types of injury, such as special damage and general damage. Calculating special damage is easier than other damages. However, it is difficult to calculate the dollar amount on the general damages. Normally, both the multiplier specials and using a daily rate can be used to calculate the bodily injury occurred from the car accident.

how to calculate bodily injury settlement

How to Calculate Bodily Injury Settlement

Want to know what is the multiplying the specials?

This is a common process, by which all special damage is summed up and multiplication occurs by a value between 1.5 on the lower end and 4-5 at the upper end as well. The multiplier again depends on the factors like the seriousness of the injury, the chances of fast recovery and the damage on the daily work life schedule. However, an injury settlement calculator is used by the insurance companies, as it allows an aggregate value of the injury. It does not allow higher multiplier value. Thus, the user needs to go through the list of factors that are considered by the insurers while settling the price of the car.

Is there any other method to calculate the bodily injury?

Another method is, using a daily rate, where the injured person can claim a fixed amount for every passing day the person has to live with a job loss or physical pain. Note that to get a daily income from the insurer, the person has to justify the daily income rates. For example, if the person has $50000 yearly income and if in a year, the number of working day becomes 250, then the daily income will be $200.Now, if the person is facing 5 months bed rest due to the accident, then the insurer will take care of the five month’s income of the bed written person. This is a process, which is used to calculate the settlement for permanent or very long term injuries.

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Apart from this, if a car accident creates general damages, the person can undergo thorough treatment of the physician. Hence, all medical documents need to be kept into the account. The injured person also clearly communicates with the doctor; so that any verification call comes from the insurance company can be easily cleared. Remember that if the injured person is going through an extreme discomfort zone and not receiving adequate settlement from the insurance company, a lawyer needs to be hired in an urgent basis. The attorney or lawyer can help the injured person to get the right settlement of the injury claim appealed by the person.