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How to Calculate 5 Year Home Loan

how to calculate five year home loan


Five year home loan amount can be easily calculated by using a mortgage calculator. A mortgage calculator is a financial assessment tool, which can help in assessing the monthly repayment schedule of a loan. The principle amount, interest amount and the EMI value can be well calculated by using mortgage calculator software. The good thing is that every financial institution offers online mortgage calculator, through which the applicant can check the eligibility and the amount of EMI needs to be paid over a certain amount of loan value. In order to check the necessary payment detail, the loan amount, current rate of interest and five year tenure needs to be putted in the equation, from where a user can get instant result as per the requirement.

How to Calculate 5 Year Home Loan

How to Calculate 5 Year Home Loan

One more thing, should be noted that every banking or non-banking financial institution offers different rate of interest for the home loan. However, long term home loan incurs higher interest amount and a larger repayment value is imposed to the borrower. Thus, a five year mortgage can enable the user to repay the whole sum within 5 years only. Once the home page of the bank is open, the user needs to put a sum amount in the box of principal value. After that the current rate of interest needs to be filled and finally 5 value needs to be given in the tenure button. Once, the user clicks on the submit button, the page will be automatically redirected towards the EMI value for the next five years.

A customer needs to analyze down the line five years financial situation before applying for a home loan

Before applying for a home loan, it is necessary for the purchaser to analyze whether the repayment schedule can become flexible or more burdensome. The mortgage calculator will guide the applicant regarding how much monthly EMI will be easy pay option for the borrower.  Due to the increase in the interest rate, the lenders are allowing the borrower to make early closure of the loan by offering lower tenure EMIs. One more thing needs to be identified is that several types of lenders are available in the financial and real estate business market.

Thus, it will be a vital thing to cross check the five year home loan amount stated by the lenders, against the value comes from the mortgage calculator. Different terms and conditions, the hidden charges significantly impact on the EMI amount of the borrower. This problem mainly occurs due to the lack of adequate knowledge regarding the home loan processing steps. Hence, a 5 years mortgage calculator can become a vital tool for the modern day people, to calculate a transparent loan amount with its principle, EMI, and other interest details maintained by each financial institution. Then why to worry? Just visit online sites and calculate the 5 years EMI depending on the current requirement for the dream home.


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