How to Burn DVD’s on Computer Windows

How to Burn DVD’s


Gone are the days when we had to depend on the magnetic disks or the floppy disks for storing the data and carrying it with us, the times have changed and so has the technique. In case you need to have the copy of some data kept in your system, simply have a blank DVD and burn the data on the disk. The disk can then be played on any computer system to copy the data in it or simply keep it stored for the future usage. The DVD’s are rather easy to be played within the local T.V based DVD players as well and thus prove to be an easy, cheap and durable option. In case you need to burn some data with your DVD, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Burn DVD's on Windows

How to Burn DVD’s on Windows

1. Get the DVD burn software downloaded:-

In order to get the DVD burned, you will first of all need to download some good DVD burning software from the application store matching your device. In case of my laptop, there is ubuntoo platform and it has got its own application store, I downloaded the DVD burn software from here and you may also download such software matching the kind of platform that you are using with your system.

2. Install it and then run it:-

Not simply installing the software is enough, but instead you will need to install and run it as well. Now when you make a left click on this software, the run software option will appear and you simply need to make a click over it. Now when the software gets run, you need to use it to burn the blank DVD’s with the stuff that you need to burn.

3. Get a blank DVD:-

For the purpose of burning the data on a DVD, there are two requirements that you need to fulfill, one will be a blank DVD that you can purchase from any outlet dedicated for this purpose and second is the presence of a DVD writer within the system to load the disk and burn it.

4. Enter the disk in the dedicated DVD writer:-

Now when you have got both the things needed for burning the data on a DVD, you just need to enter the blank disk out there in the DVD writer and then open the DVD burning application. Now simply copy all the stuff that you need to copy in this DVD and click on the burn button.

5. After you click the button:-

Now, after you have clicked the “Burn to DVD” option, the data that you had copied to this DVD will be burned on it and you can play the DVD anytime on any device supporting the DVD playing system in it. You can burn only a limited amount of data that the DVD is specified with and you may also choose to go for a re-writable DVD as well if you need to erase the data after some time.


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