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How to Burn a Disc Using Nero Step by Step

How To CD Write In Nero


Nero or Nero Burning ROM is an optical disc (CD) authoring program for Nero AG. This software can be bought in use for burning and copying CD’s, Blu Ray Discs and DVD’s. It also supports label printing feature and specializes in converting a particular video to the other formats as well. It is a part of a Nero Multimedia suite, but is also available as a stand-alone project and you can use this software for CD writing purposes as well. In order to write a CD with Nero, you can follow the following tips:-

How to Burn a Disc Using Nero Step by Step

How to Burn a Disc Using Nero

1. Choose the CD:-

In order to write a CD in Nero software, firstly you will need to make a choice of CD where you wish to write the files. There are two kinds of CD’s available in the market one out of which is a CDR and the other one is a CDRW. CDR is a CD where you can write the files only once. The CDRW is a kind of CD where you can write the files again and again after formatting the CD.

2. Using the Nero Software:-

Now here comes the time to install Nero software. You can search this software by the name Nero Burning ROM. If you have purchased a pro version of this software, there won’t be any boundations that you are imposed with. Here goes the process to write on both the kinds of CD’s with it.

3. CD Write Process for CDR:-

  • In order to write files on CDR, you will first of all need to insert a blank CDR in your computer’s CD drive.
  • Now make a click on start option on the left hand side of your desktop. Click all program option. Locate Nero software in these options.
  • Launch Nero Burning ROM and follow the wizard.
  • Choose the files that need to be written on CD.
  • Click write button to write them on the CD. You can also drag and drop the files in software to write them on the CD.

4. Write Process for CDRW:-

  • In case of a CDRW, you will have to format the CD first.
  • If the CD has been formatted already, you will have to insert it into CD drive just like we did in the case of CDR.
  • In built CD software will recognize it and it will behave like a rewritable drive.
  • Follow the previously told approach for CDR now in order to copy files and write them to CDRW.
  • You can format a CDRW any number of times till it is not damaged. Follow the In-CD formatting options to format the CD once again.


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