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Bullying Definition – What is Bullying

Bullying Definition – What is Bullying


Whenever you make an improper usage of your physical power to threaten someone, you referred to as bullying that person. Sometimes, when some people try to threaten others on the base of their physical strength thinking the other side to be physically weak, the act is called bullying and it has become a major problem in the world and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us understand it so as to stop it and prevent ourselves from getting bullied.

Bullying Definition - What is Bullying

Bullying Definition – What is Bullying

Understanding the Definition of Bullying:-

When there is a tough kind of looking boy who tries to suppress the other much thin and skinny looking boy, the act will be referred to as bullying. If I talk about the exact definition of bullying, It is referred to as the act in which an individual tries to aggressively molest others having less strength than him.

This behavior sometimes becomes the temperament of an individual and sometimes it is seen that such people get arrogant enough as to make others get scared of them. Some cases of bullying were even found to suicide as they were not able to bear the molestation and mortification that the bully kind of guys were making them suffer from.

Factors Responsible for Making You Bully:-

If you have grown up in an environment where there is much aggression and people liked to show their influence on others by hitting and kicking them, you are likely to become a bully kind of person when you grow up. If you are shown the movies and program that contain people trying to dominate others with aggression and threat, even you are likely to start doing that with others. Sometimes even the cases of mental problems have been found to start bullying others.

What Can Be Done To Stop Some Relative From Becoming A Bully?

If a relative or a friend is developing bully kid of qualities in him, you are advised not to mess up with him and instead try to get him counseled. Such people need to be treated with love and care and only that can change them. In a study it was found that approximately 50% of the people who like to bully others have either been bullied at some point of their life or they were never treated with love. Love can change anything and thus you are advised to not mess up with such person and instead try to talk politely and let your love bring a change.

How to Stop Bullying?

If someone is trying to bully you or you are seeing somebody bullying someone, you are advised not to get indulged in the fight and instead take the help of some elder. If the case is of some insane psycho bullying kind of person, you can even choose to go by the law.

What Is Cyber Bullying?

If you are a member of some social networking or mailing related web site and somebody is trying to bully you on internet by sending you hate males or messages threatening to beat you or any other such messages, the act will be regarded as cyber bullying and if you want to safeguard yourself against it, you can go by the cyber law.


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