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How to Make Building Stairs Using Stringers



If you have recently made a building and you wish to make it either multi storied or if you need to utilize the roof space to be used for some purpose, it is the best idea to connect it with stairs and to build stair stringers will prove to be the best option in this case. Stair stringers are the backbone of every staircase and these support the stairs a lot. In case you need to build the stair stringers for your staircase, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to Make Building Stairs Using Stringers

How to Make Building Stairs Using Stringers

1. Get the Stairs made:-

First of all, you are advised to get the staircase made. This will, require you to get some thick wooden strips on rent and hire some of the laborers to make the stairs using bricks and cement mixture. After they have physically constructed the stairs, the backbone of the stairs which is stair stringers can be fixed and that can be done following the rest of points.

2. Get the Length Is Measured For Your Staircase:-

Take a measuring tape and measure the length of every step as well as the height, length and breadth of staircase. Measure the dimensions of the vitrified tiles as well and keep a pencil with you to make the markings with it. The markings will be made on the vitrified tiles holding it along with the steps.

3. Measurement with a Vitrified Tile:-

What you have to do is to just place a vitrified tile along the stair step and then hold it close to the markings to observe what sort of thickness the other vitrified tile should have so that the both can lie with the staircase avoiding any space to be left between both. Simply make the measurements clearly with measuring tape. You can take the help of some friend if you feel like it is impossible for you to keep on holding it for a long time

4. Take a Pencil and Make the Marks:-

Take a pencil and make the marks like wisely on the staircase as well. Now each of the vitrified tiles will have a pencil mark that will guide you from where you need to cut the vitrified tiles and then you can make the cut running the cutter machine in that line only.

5. Bring an Ivory Tile Cutting Machine:-

Afterwards, you will need to hire up an ivory tile cutting machine that you can easily find with all leading marble and ivory tile shops. This cutting machine will be bought in use to cut off the ivory tiles from the mark that you made with pencil, but remember to keep a source of water nearby as while cutting, a lot of ivory tile dust will be generated that can damage your eyes. Water supply will settle this dust within no time and your eyes will be saved.

6. Affix the Stair Stringers on the Dedicated Steps of Your Staircase:-

After you have cut the each tile in a proper way to affix it, simply prepare the chemical mixture in a utensil and apply the chemical mixture to your staircase affixing the ivory tiles on it. The space between the ivory tiles will be filled up with some grout in the spaces between the tile joints so as to give it a perfect finishing.


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