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How to Build Wire Cages for Pets

How to Make Wire Cages


A wire cage is a kind of trap or house made for small animals like rats, rabbits etc. to live in it. This can be a hanging cage if it is made for a pet bird or it can be a non-hanging cage if it is made for an animal. Most of the readymade cages fetch a big amount out of your pockets to purchase them and thus one can try to prepare one such cage at home in order to make a cage himself. All you need for this purpose is some thick wires, a pliers or cutting tool and a few attachments. In order to make a cage yourself at home, you can follow the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Build Wire Cages for Pets

How to Build Wire Cages for Pets

1. Consider the Size and Dimension Needs:-

First of all, I will like to advise you to consider the size and dimension needs for your cage. It should be spaced enough for your prisoner to live in it. For example, if you are making this cage for a rat, it should be at least five to six times more than an average rat’s size. If it is being made for a rabbit, it should be at least thrice the size of an average rabbit to avoid the animal from getting suffocated in it. Just write the desired dimensions on a piece of paper and begin making your cage.

2. Begin cutting the wires to perfect length:-

A cage can be made with the help of thick wires or iron rods. Iron rods are brought into use when we are making a cage for some big animal, but even wires do work when we are making it for a small animal. Besides this, you may or may not need an electronic welding machine depending on the approach that you follow for making your cage. It is better if you can hire a small wire welding tool so as to give a perfect finishing to your cage.

3. Join the thick wires with thin wire loops:-

Our cage will be rectangular in area where the length will be kept more than the breadth. All the average cages follow the same pattern. Next, we will use a square size sheet of metal as a front and back door of this cage and we will weld them with the help of thin wire taken across the length. The thin wires will be merged with thin wires of smaller size across the breadth in such a way that gauze like formation is resulted where we will make joints of thick wires with thin wire loops or we will weld them with the help of a welding tool.

4. Use iron plate wherever needed:-

The iron/metal plate can be bought in use wherever we need it. We can even affix a small metal plate at the top or base portion in order to provide a flat feel to this cage. A knob can also be attached to one of the doors to make it easy to be opened when in case of an emergency.

5. Attach A Spring with Cage Door:-

The door to other side where we had not positioned any knob can be bought in use as a trap door fixing it with the help of spring and a wire in such a way that when we fix a wire attachment with that spring attaching a piece of bread or food to it, the animal may come inside in order to eat it and get entrapped when spring closes the door. Most of the modern day cages and rat traps work on this principle only.


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