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How to Build up Stamina and Speed

how to build up stamina and speed


You may take the stamina as the rate of speed with what someone accomplishes a task. Stamina is the most important essential for the sports person and even if you are not a sports person, still it is beneficial for you if you have it. People who have got a perfect stamina are always successful in accomplishing the tasks that they have got as a target in front of them and bring about the desired results really fast. Even if you don’t have the stamina, you may choose to work on for the betterment of it following the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to build up stamina and speed

How to Build up Stamina and Speed

1. Cycling and Swimming for stamina:-

Cycling and swimming both are the best approaches in case you need to build stamina. Simply try going for long cycling sessions and that too with a speed that needs to be increased daily. Swim as fast as you can and try to complete one round of swimming earlier than the previous one. This will boost your skills as well as your stamina.

2. Climb up the Stairs and boost stamina:-

Try climbing a step mill daily or you may also choose to climb the staircase of your house daily to get benefited regarding your stamina. Try climbing the staircase in speed and try increasing this speed the each approaching day. This will really help you a lot with your stamina.

3. Go for Running Every day:-

When I needed to work on my stamina, I followed a routine that included the running first of all and that I used to do for continuously one hour. Though I never increased the running time, but I preferred to increase the speed of running every day. After that we used to reach the railway stair bridge and we used to climb it for twenty rounds as fast as we could. This can really help you a lot as well.

4. Boxing And That Too As Fast As You Can:-

In case you have got a boxing arena near your living place, you may choose to join  that boxing club and try practicing boxing out there. In case it is not available, just get home a punching bag and start punching it as hard as you can. Try doing it much faster and with each move that you make, your speed should get even faster. This will help you a lot with your stamina.

5. Put Some Hurdles in front of yourself:-

Out some hurdles before you while you are in your regular workout. Tie up some weight to your feet while you run or carry a bag with weight kept in it while you are bicycling. Putting hurdles before yourself this way will make you work even much harder to reach the target and making more efforts to do the same task that you did much easily before, your stamina is sure to get increased.

6. Keep Increasing the Difficulties:-

Not just hurdles are enough, but despite of it you should keep on increasing the difficulties as well. Have a friend with stop watch sitting at one corner in the ground and try making ten rounds of that ground the first day. Note down the time and try completing it earlier than it took you the first day for you to complete it. Keep on decreasing the time and increasing your efforts day by day and this way your stamina will get increased for sure.


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