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How to Build Up Confidence in Speaking English

How to Build Confidence in Speaking English


English is English for you to speak if you are a native speaker, but for an Indian speaker, it is never native English. In fact, it is not even Indian English. People in different parts of India speak different kinds of English. Suppose if you meet someone from Bihar, he will speak “school” as “iskool” and if you meet some Haryanvi person, he will apply “A” sound while speaking each and every word of a sentence.

How to Build Up Confidence in Speaking English

How to Build Up Confidence in Speaking English

Only a small fraction of people with a good knowledge of phonetics can speak English the way English native speakers speak it and in order to learn speaking English in a desired manner, you need to build confidence in speaking this language which can be achieved following these simple steps:-

1. Take Good Knowledge of Phonetics:-

Phonetics is a branch of English which related to the exact way of pronunciation of words and the way they are accented while speaking. It is basically the science of English in which there are some rules based on experiments conducted on human tongue that help you to know which part of mouth will be bought in use to produce which kind of sound. You can try having some lessons of English if you are familiar with it, but you just fear speaking it in front of others.

2. Start Speaking English At Home:-

You should start talking in English with others in your house in order to learn English. Simply choose a topic to speak and then start speaking on that specific topic while standing in front of a mirror. This will build a certain kind of confidence in you and you will be able to speak English in a better way.

3. Take Coaching in Spoken English:-

There is another way to build confidence in spoken English. For this purpose, you can take coaching in spoken English by some good coaching institute. The lessons taught at such coaching centers are based on generally spoken English and you can easily learn English taking such lessons.

4. Watch Video Tutorials:-

If you do not wish to move out of your house in order to learn English and build confidence in learning or speaking it, you can join some online spoken English learning website in order to learn English while watching the video tutorials prepared by experienced teachers.

5. Begin with Improvement of Vocabulary:-

If your spoken English ability still resides at an infant stage, you can manage to learn words of vocabulary first. Simply write the English synonyms of some specific words in your mother tongue language and cram them daily. Adopt this habit in your schedule to boost up your vocabulary.

6. The Sentences of Daily Use:-

Make a personal notebook and write ten sentences of daily use in this notebook every day. Find the English translation of these sentences and the exact way to pronounce the words that you find in those sentences. Doing the same practice each day will soon improve your English and after just one month, you will find a change in yourself with confidence built in spoken English.


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