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6 Most Popular Ways to Build Stairs in Small Space

How to Make Stairs in Small Space


Stairs serve to be the best method of climbing from one floor to the other. It all depends on the available space in your house, that which kind of staircase are you going to build in your house, but sometimes the space is so small that you can’t think of having the staircase that you wish or expect. In such cases, you should customize the construction, according to the need to save some space for your staircase. If you are planning to build a house with small space left for the staircase, you can bring these tips in use:-

6 Most Popular Ways to Build Stairs in Small Space

How to Build Stairs in Small Space

1. Kitchen or Store room under the Staircase:-

The best way to utilize your space when you have less area is to construct your staircase above the kitchen in a slanting way or to construct it above the store room. This saves space of one place for the other and thus your problem gets solved.

2. Use an Iron Ladder If No Space Is Left:-

If there is no space left with you for the construction of a big staircase, you can manage to have a small staircase to be built at such place or you can also manage to use an iron ladder instead of a staircase. These days, even detachable iron ladders are in fashion which can be joined when you need them and can be removed when there is no need for them.

3. Use an Iron Staircase:-

You can also manage to use an iron staircase to overcome your space needs. The best fact with an iron staircase is that it does not even require much space and it also can be adjusted according to your space needs. There are also round iron staircases available these days which can be fixed around a pole.

4. Steel Rod Staircase:-

You can also bring home a steel rod staircase for yourself. This type of staircase includes the usage of steel rods to be fixed with your house to make you able to move from one floor to the other. You can have these types of staircases in a wide range of variety. Some of these are also available on the online stores.

5. Pivoting or Sheet Design staircase:-

Another type of staircase available in markets these days is a pivoting or sheet deign staircase. This includes pivots or sheets to be fixed at an empty area leveling one sheet above the other in order to give it a feel like a normal staircase. You can easily climb these pivot or sheet designs in order to reach the upper floors.

6. Detachable Staircase as a substitute for traditional staircase:-

There are also a variety of detachable staircases available these days in the market. If no space is left in your house for building a staircase, you can manage to get it positioned or built outside in order to overcome the space and construction needs. You can also manage to have a mini-lift be positioned instead of a staircase in such cases.


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