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How to Build Body Without Weights

How to Work Out without Weights


Most of the people spend much of their time shedding sweat with multiple gymming equipments, machines and weights. Most of these weight lifting exercises are really exhausting. A team of researchers made a research on gymming style as well as ways of weight lifting and doing exercises and they reached on a conclusion that we can achieve a toned body with muscles even without making workout in the form of weight lifting as well. All it needs is just a care of food or diet and a proper usage of exercising strategies. Here are some ways in which you can work out without weights.

How to Build Body Without Weights

How to Build Body Without Weights

1. Artificial Weights:-

You never need weights to workout. In fact, you need nothing but intentions to workout. Once such approach for working out is artificial weight. Just take a simple pipe in your hands and react like you are carrying a weighted pipe in your hands. Use it the same way that you follow while using weights and it will give you the same benefits what weights used to provide you with.

2. Pull and Push the Rope:-

Fix a pipe with one end of elastic rope in such a way that wire is tied to its centre around the area of cross section. Attach a bucket full of bricks to the other end of this elastic rope and use a pulley or wheel to keep one end of this rope to one side and the other end to the other side of it. Now pick this pipe with both your hands and do lifting/pushing and pulling exercises with it.

3. Use Abs-Crunch Devices:-

There are many plastic and elastic based devices available in the market which are as light as the weight of water filled glass and can be bought in use to perform multiple abs-crunches positions including hand exercises, leg exercises and chest exercises. One such abs crunch device can be purchased from all the tele-shopping and online store based websites.

4. Use Iron Pole or Soccer Ground Pole to Work out:-

The pole which is filed in a basket-ball ground or football ground can be bought in use for doing pull-ups. In order to do pushups, just place two bricks on the floor and begin making pushups. The multiple lifting and hanging based exercises can also be accomplished using the same pole. These days, pole dance based exercises are also in existence which is not seen as a dance, but as an aerobic/anaerobic exercise if done Non-sexually.

5. Use Bricks in a Basket Instead Of Dumbbells:-

If you feel that your exercises are not going well without dumbbells or barbells, you can use bricks instead of them. Fill a basket with multiple bricks in order to increase the weight further. Instead of using a jogging machine or treadmill, you will just need to stand at a single place and start moving your legs the same way you do while jogging without taking steps ahead or you can try jumping or skipping as well.

6. Use Stairs Instead Of Step Mill:-

The staircase in your house can also help you to stay fit. Instead of step mill machine, you can try climbing your stairs daily in a suit of ten to fifteen depending on your body capability in order to avail the same benefits as what gymming equipments provide to your body.


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