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How to Build Barn Roof Trusses

How to Build Barn Roof Trusses


A roof truss is basically a structural framework of timbers or wood designed to bridge the space above a room or floor in order to support the roof. These can be in the form of stirrer having space between them called bay or they can be in any other form with dual force members.  In the structure of a barn roof truss, the force is applied only at two particular points and thus these can bridge the space above a room in perfect manner. A roof truss is of the same form as depicted by us in the below mentioned diagram. In order to build barn roof trusses, the following tips can be bought in use: –
How to Build Barn Roof Trusses

How to Build Barn Roof Trusses         

1.  Cut Truss Pieces:-

First of all we will begin cutting truss pieces with oriented standard board or OSB.  Truss pieces may need to be cut in any amount multiplied by 4. It is better if you cut some extra pieces as well. These pieces can be bought in use if mistakenly one of the pieces meets a malfunction or gets bent or broken.

2. Making you understand the approach:-

We will begin joining two truss pieces with the help of web pieces in order to result in multiple half trusses first. Then when we finishing making half trusses, we will join two half trusses to make one single truss. Here in the diagram we have shown you how exactly each of these pieces will look like.

how to make barn roof trusses

3. Build Web Pieces:-

Take two pieces of a truss between ½ “G” stops and keep the ends of these truss pieces firm into the stops keeping the top ends together. Now trim out pieces of OSB to desired web piece size matching the width of your Truss pieces and then make joint with help of it on a place where these ends meet. We don’t have to fix web pieces now and instead we are just taking initial measurement for a single web piece to build multiple web pieces of the same specifications in this step.

The figure drawn here indicated how exactly each of these web pieces will look like. Build multiple web pieces in the same way. Three web pieces will be needed per single roof truss unit and this way you can multiply the number of trusses with three to determine the actual number of web pieces that you will need while building barn roof trusses.

how to build your own roof

4. Assemble a Half Truss and Join Two Half Trusses to Form One:-

Here comes the time to assemble two half trusses to make a single complete truss. First we will make half trusses by joining two truss pieces with each other with the help of a web piece and when two “Half Trusses” will get resulted, we will join these two “half trusses” with each other with the help of another web piece. So a total of three web pieces is used in making a single complete truss. One each with the two half trusses and one in order to join those two half trusses. Now just use these trusses to make your barn roof and you get sorted.


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