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5 Ways to Build an Earthquake Resistant Building

How to Build Earthquake Proof Building


An earthquake is a phenomenon which is subjected to arrive because of volcanic eruption or movement of tectonic plates or a sudden release of energy from the earth which results in a trembling of the earth. The place which serves to be the center of an earthquake always meets the most destruction and the impact keeps on getting less as we move further from the center of an earthquake.

5 Ways to Build an Earthquake Resistant Building

How to Build an Earthquake Resistant Building

It causes mass destruction when it arrives on a big scale. The best solution to safeguard you against an earthquake is an earthquake proof building. In order to make your building earthquake proof, you can follow these simple steps:-

1. Use skyscrapers technology:-

In the last few decades, scientists managed to develop a system of skyscrapers which float on a system of ball bearings and padded cylinders. This acts just like a kind of shock absorber when situation of an earthquake is encountered. Some similar technique should be followed while constructing a building in order to make it earthquake proof.

2. Prefer Engineered Structure Design:-

These days, many advanced engineering equipments and techniques have arrived in the market adopting which, you can easily make your building fortified against the earthquake problem. When you begin building a house for yourself, remember to get consulted with a perfect engineer first. There are also some zones which are more prone to an earthquake than the others.

You should stay away from making a house for yourself at such places in order to build an earthquake proof building for yourself.

3. Use Good Quality Building Material:-

The building material that you use in order to make a building also helps you to fortify a building against the damage caused by an earthquake. Suppose you are using an improper cement/sand ratio, while constructing a building, it is more prone to fall than the others built with a perfect cement/sand ratio.

4. A perfectly connected masterpiece:-

According to a famous architect, if we make a building in a connected kind of way, keeping the rooms short with no adulterated material used for building it, the building is sure to stay earthquake proof. According to him, it is the sudden release of an energy stored in the earth, which causes the most of trembling and destruction.

This trembling can be minimized if you build a building connected perfectly in all respects. You should also be smart while choosing the location for your building and the place that you choose for this purpose should be away from any volcano or energy accumulating place on earth.

5. Watch out the Load:-

If your building is less loaded to the bottom, but you make a heavy construction at its top, the building gets more prone to falling than the ones with fewer loads at top and more load at the bottom. The buildings should be constructed in such a way that there are more rooms at lower floors than the number of rooms at the upper floors. Iron bars should also be bought into use during construction to make the basement and walls strong enough to bear the impact of an earthquake.


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