How to Build a Tennis Court

Build a Tennis Court


Tennis is a racquet and ball based sport that is played either in singles or doubles which means either a single player each side or the double player each side. In between there is a net an there is a dedicated boundary to decide the fouls and limits of each player. This sport is played within the national and international boundaries and is also included in the world sports championships as well. In case you need to have a private tennis court for yourself or for the training or coaching purposes, you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here to get it build.

Build a Tennis Court

How to Build a Tennis Court

1. Make Sure to Have A Place Dedicated:-

First of all, have a dedicated place for this purpose. Tennis is not a game that you can play professionally even in a street and instead the court for it should be made at a dedicated place with perfect boundary painted and perfect seating arrangement for people to sit.

2. Make Sure the Dimensions are perfect:-

The tennis court is destined to be 78 feet longer and 27 feet in width for singles while 36 feet in width for doubles. Simply think if the court that you are going to build is for singles or doubles and then go for the further approaches afterwards.

3. Building the Service Line:-

The service line is the line where a player will be standing while he or she makes the first shot to the tennis ball with the racquet. This line should be painted 21feet from the net. Net is fixed in the mid of the tennis court and thus the service line from both the sides stays at this distance only

4. Space around the Court:-

There should be enough space for players to reach overrun balls and for this purpose the space of total 60 feet wide and 120 feet long should be accommodated. Simply keep all these measurements in consideration while getting the tennis court constructed and you will get a perfect tennis court for yourself.

5. Fix Up the Net In mid:-

As I told you earlier also, the net will be fixed in the mid of the tennis court. The length measurements for this purpose will be as across Full width, 3 feet and six inches high. The net should be kept 3 feet high in the center, which can be done by stretching it with the help of device attached to the poles.

6. Perfect Seating Arrangement Around:-

The tennis court will be made like this, but if you have got some spare space left besides the measurements that I mentioned, that can me made to have the seating arrangement in that. Simply get the chairs positioned in this area to utilize the space and make a perfect tennis court for you. Now when the tennis court is build, have a match and look if it gives you the desired flavor or not. Keep in mind that the lines will be painted with white paint so that they are clearly visible even from the outside.


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