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How to Build a Mini Bar in your Home

How to Build Up a Home Bar


Often the relatives keep on coming home and to reach a bar to celebrate every single time is not possible, which is why we have to stay limited to the home. Often the wives keep on reminding us that it may not be safe to move out to drink and instead we may have it at home rather. In such cases, to have a private home based bar might be the perfect option. For this you will just need to choose a suitable portion of your house, some other essentials and you will get sorted.  Here we are explaining how you can achieve the same following the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Build a Mini Bar in your Home

How to Build a Mini Bar in your Home

1. Decide the Corner of House to Build Your Personal Bar:-

First of all, Decide a particular corner of the house to make a private bar. This should be preferable away from the ladies room and should be preferably made in the guest room. This corner of house will now be decorated with the bar items to meet your luxuries.

2. Have a Bar Counter Fixed:-

In order to make the bar, first of all you will need to arrange the bar counter. Decorate all the drink bottles at the respective places over it and arrange them in a particular order of preference. Put the old ones in the beginning while the new ones at the end. This will easily make you know which drink needs to be consumed first of all.

3. Put up a Small Refrigerator for Ice:-

You may also choose to bring home some small refrigerator so as to have an option for ice to be added in drinks. Some other essentials that you need while drinking can also be managed to keep along with the counter as well. Try having a serving stool be kept behind the counter and a guest stool to be kept besides it.

4. Some Decorable Glasses for decoration as well as serving:-

Up the counter, you may choose to keep the glasses to serve the drinks. Some special glasses can be kept in the separate section of the counter for special guests and you may even choose to keep some extra crockery in another portion of it.

5. Some Bar Snacks are kept in the bar:-

Some people are fond of having the salad or snacks while they drink. The snacks can be kept in a portion of the counter rack while the salad items and veggies can be stored in the refrigerator that you use for ice. In case you have got some precious drinks with you, those can be kept in the locking portion of the bar counter.

6. Proper Sitting Arrangement for guests:-

The thing that here comes the last is a proper seating arrangement. It is not necessary that you will always have a single guest in the house and thus a proper sitting arrangement needs to be maintained with the bar as well. Some folding chairs or the folding table be arranged for this purpose and keep it ready with your bar for the emergency purposes. The rest is just to invite and serve.


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