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How to Build a Good Chimney

How to Build a Chimney


Often either when we are burning some fuel in the house or it is that we are cooking in the kitchen, the smoke that results out of the burning of such fuels can leave us suffocated and moreover, if it does not get a way to escape, it may make you encounter breathlessness and even may make you faint out of suffocating. In the areas where the temperature stays much cool during the major parts of the year, there is a great need to control the inner temperature of your house by making proper heating arrangements and for all such arrangements being made, it is better to have a chimney to eject the smoke that results because of it. In case you need to build a chimney in your house, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Build a Good Chimney

How to Build a Good Chimney

1. Decide A Place:-

In order to build a chimney, first of all you will need to decide a place where you need to build the chimney. In case you need it for temperature control purposes, it can be constructed somewhere along the side of your living room or else if you need to get it constructed with your kitchen, it is better if you get it constructed by the side of your kitchen.

2. Gather the Raw Material:-

In order to build the chimney, you will need some raw material and this includes the chimney cabinet, two exhaust fans, the chimney head, some tools, a few bricks and some cement mixture. All this should be kept ready aside for the further use in between.

3. Make Some Borings:-

Now, as we know that you can’t go for the reconstruction of your house just to add a chimney in it and thus we will advise you to make a kind of boring in the roof corner with the help of a brick cutting machine. This will give you enough passage to fit the chimney head and fix up the rest of chimney parts in it or else you may get the brick based chimney constructed within this bored hole.

4. Get the Ready Made Chimney Implemented:-

In case you need to get a ready-made chimney positioned in this space, the chimney head will be positioned just above this space that has resulted because of boring, and the rest will follow you to fix the rest of chimney body with this chimney head in a proper way. Rest you may fix it up with some cement and bricks to fix up the extra space left after the chimney is positioned.

5. Try Having Its Mouth as high as you can keep:-

It is advised that the mouth of chimney should be kept as high as you can. An exhaust fan needs to fix at the head as well as the tail of chimney so as to suck up the smoke out. In case you do not wish to go for the ready-made one, simply follow the tile and brick layering approach that includes the positioning of bricks with cement mixture to make a chimney with the space that you get after boring.


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