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How to Build a Canoe from Wood

how to build a canoe from wood


You can easily make a canoe with some good quality plywood chosen under the surveillance of an expert.  You may slightly modify the shape according to your needs and you can make it with various sheets of plywood, including the sides as well as the base. The making job can be done at home yourself following the tips that we are mentioning here.

how to build a canoe from wood

How to Build a Canoe from Wood

1. Cutting the Plywood Strips:-

In order to build a canoe, you will first of all need to cut the plywood strips of the perfect dimension. This must be preferably 10-15 inches wide by 8 feet long. And thus you need to trim off the plywood according to these dimensions only. You may also keep a slight slope if required or else you may fasten the plywood with the help of connective strips.

2. Decide the Shape and depth of the Canoe:-

The next thing that here comes is to decide the depth and shape of the canoe. You may first choose to view some work made by some other artist who makes canoes. This will make you get an idea how much depth you need to keep and how much modifications can be made with the shape.

3. Cut off the Bottom or the Base:-

After you have got the upper body, you will also need a base that you will need to position with the canoe. Now for this purpose you will need to hold the sides carefully fixing them and joining them while you fasten them to make a perfect joint.

4. Sealing the Seems:-

After the basic structure of the canoe gets ready, you will need to use polyester resin to fill up the gaps in the canoe boundaries and a fiber tape to seal the seams. When the canoe gets dried out, the further coats of resin can be layered over the boat to make it water proof. There should be not even a single hole or space left in it for the better making. You may even choose to make use of quick solidifying gum wherever needed.

5. Put the Varnish:-

After the canoe has been layered with resin and it gets dry, you are advised to put a layer of varnish over the canoe that will facilitate you against the water clogging the boat. The varnish besides won’t even let the paint get soaked by the plywood.

6. Give It an Ending Finish:-

After the varnish has been applied, you are free to go for the polishing and painting of your canoe. Remember to keep it as light as you can. Rest is all about making the stream driver, and arranging or layering of stuff in a proper way.


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