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How to Build a Cabinet with Drawers

How to Build Cabinet


Cabinet generally means a small cabin or in other words you may say a storage area where you may keep anything. It may be a kitchen cabinet or a bathroom cabinet. These are generally used to store the daily essentials and are made either with tin or steel; and wood. In case you have got a space empty in your kitchen or bathroom, you can easily turn it up in a cabinet area by using plywood; wooden blocks and the rest will be done either by the steel framings or the fiber sheets. In case you need to build a cabinet yourself, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to Build a Cabinet with Drawers Easily

How to Build a Cabinet with Drawers

1. Decide an Area Where You Need to Build the Cabinet:-

In order to build a cabinet, you will first of all need to decide the area where it is to be built. If you had kept the space for it spare while constructing the house, it is ok to build the cabinet and fix it according to those dimensions or else you may take any dimensions suiting your needs.

2. Gather Up the Tools and Raw Material:-

The second step will involve you to gather all the supplied that you will need while making the cabinet. This includes pliers, the screws, the screwdriver, the nail and nail tool, the pieces of plywood as well as the fiber sheets to construct the cabinet opening and the rest includes the opening and closing units.

3. Be Strict To the Length, Breadth and Depth:-

Note down the dimensions according to the requirement and cut the pieces of plywood according to these dimensions only. It is preferable if you keep the dimensions half centimeter longer than the written units as the longer portion can be trimmed, but the shorted portion can’t be made longer again.

4. Cut the Portions of Woods in A Perfect Way:-

The portions of wood should be cut in a perfect way. Try arranging them in a perfect way so as to check if these parts fit the exact cabinet dimensions or not? Try fixing them on the space dedicated for them in a virtual way so as to get an idea how the cabinet is going to be when you fix the nails with it.

5. Affix the Closing and Opening Units:-

Now what is left is just to arrange the parts of your cabinet and affix the portions properly with the help of iron nails. The iron or steel fixing units can be positioned in the mid and the closing and opening units can be affixed after the boundaries are properly nailed with the base of it. Now when the physical structure for the cabinet is ready, you just need to position it to the dedicated area and rest will be followed in the next point.

6. Shape It Up and Affix On the Desired Closet:-

Now your cabinet structure has been complete and you just need to try opening and closing it. It is ok if it gets perfectly opened and closed or else you may choose to use a shaping tool to shape the wood and make it easily able to be opened and closed. The rest is just to affix it up in the desired closet and Paint it up to give the desired look.


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