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How to Build a Boat from Cardboard

how to build a boat from cardboard


If I ask you what is a boat, the answer that will probably come from your side would be that it is a means of water transportation, but it is not just a mere means of transport, but something more than that, a boat may be a means of transport, a means of fun and adventure and may be used for various other multiple means as well. In case you need a small boat for simply some fun, try using the ultra-light floating material to make it or else follow the procedure we are mentioning here for a better floating experience with your boat.

how to build a boat from cardboard

How to Build a Boat from Cardboard

1. Gather the Construction Supply:-

In order to build a boat, you will first of all need to gather up your supplies and this will include some plywood, some floating kind of tree timber, some empty plastic drums perfectly closed, some attaching kind of material, some iron nails and some big kind of tire tubes to be inflated.

2. Have Some Floating Drums:-

Now, while beginning to construct your boat, you will first of all need to inflate air in the tire tube and then after it gets inflated, you will need to fix the plastic empty and perfectly closed drums over it in symmetry. You may choose to go for multiple drums fixed with small tire tubes at their base so that these may float instead of sinking in water after the tubes get inflated.

3. Fix the Floating Wood Platform:-

Now, after the tubes and drums get perfectly positioned, you will need to fix up a kind of floating platform made of wood over these drums so that we have got no risk of getting our boat sunken in the water and instead it keeps on floating like anything. Simply fix up the flat form, tying it with the ropes in a favorable way.

4. Use Plastic Body:-

You may choose to make the upper body with plastic material in order to avoid making it too heavy to float on water. Try out making it as light as you can and instead of making the separate cabins with some chair or table positioned, simply divide it into portions with some plastic made sitting space for the boat passenger and drivers.

5. Avoid Any Space For Water To Clog The Boat:-

The boat will get sunken only in case you have got made it too much heavier than needed and thus in order to keep it light, you are advised to avoid any space while making it to prevent water from entering it and making it get clogged.

6. Have A Test Floating First:-

Tie up a rope with the boat after you make it enter the water so that it may not drive itself to the other bank and go for a test floating before going for a self-drive. This will make you get an idea how effective your boat is going to be while driving. You may even attach an electric motor setup with it so as to go for a fast drive.


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