How to Bring Good Luck and Prosperity

How to Bring Good Luck


To have good luck is perhaps the thing that everybody demands to have and when you have got good luck with yourself, no other power can try to stop you. It is with some people that when they feel lucky enough to do something, they achieve the better results out of it and thus everybody looks to go for the approaches that can make them have good luck within their regular job works. In case you also need to have good luck, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Bring Good Luck and Prosperity

How to Bring Good Luck and Prosperity

1. Laughing Buddha or Lord Ganesha’s Idol as a Sign of Good Luck:-

The laughing Buddha is good to be gifted to others for bringing them good luck. Even Lord Ganesha is supposed to bring you luck in every work and thus it is believed good to recall his name before beginning every good work. The idols of both these gods can be gifted to your family members and friends as a sign of good luck.

2. Try Consuming a Teaspoon of Yoghurt Added with Sugar in It:-

Add a teaspoon of yoghurt in sugar and make a kind of paste with it. This paste needs to be consumed In order to bring good luck to someone. While I was giving my 10th class board exams, my mom used to feed me daily with this sugar-yoghurt mixture as a sign of good luck to us.

3. Wear Your Lucky Dress:-

In some cases, there is a dress or a T-shirt or a lucky coat or hat or cap that you have got with yourself for every special occasion to wear it and bring yourself a sign of good luck. Try having these stuff be used as a sign of good luck for yourself as there is a kind of confidence reported in the individual after getting clad in his lucky dress.

4. Have Your Best Friend to Support you:-

There is always a best friend that we have who boosts our morale against the impediments of life. If you are going for some important work, try reaching the place with that friend of yours to bring yourself the luck that is seen. In case there is no friend like this, there must be some other person who is lucky for you, try finding your luck.

5. Try Staying in Confidence:-

It is my personal experience that even the luck showers upon us only when we are confident and thus in order to stay with luck, you are advised to stay with confidence. Simply never leave the hands of confidence and even the luck won’t leave your fingers.

6. Have Some Salt Before Going Out If You Have Recently Eaten Something Sweet in Taste:-

I was in a village a few days back and I had eaten several sweets before I was leaving. They made me taste some salt before leaving and when I asked them the reason, they told me that it brings luck to you; you should never get out of the house eating anything sweet. There are countless such beliefs that people believe to bring you luck and thus none of them should be avoided if it is harmless.


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