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How to Bring Good Luck and Fortune to Yourself

how to bring good luck and fortune to yourself


When you are lucky, it means that your fortunes are by your side. A lucky person is greeted by happiness and charm all around. He stays safe, sound and prone to everyone’s friendship and no-one’s hate. He is likely to pass each and every test or examination that he goes through. There are many factors that can make a guy feel lucky. If you take care of all these factors, you become lucky enough to achieve anything that you wish. A kind of confidence build-up is also noticed by the person when he feels lucky. In order to get lucky, you can follow these simple steps:-

how to bring good luck and fortune to yourself

How to Bring Good Luck and Fortune

1. Appreciate Yourself About Everything You Get Or Have:-

With the very first ray of morning, go for exercising and drink as much water as you can. Take a cup of yoghurt and wait for twenty to thirty minutes. Now go for gyming/exercising and then have a bath. Take your lunch before leaving home and never forget to hug and kiss your wife or to touch feet of your parents. Your day will go really good when you leave home peacefully and happily.

2. Have a Lucky Charm:-

We always have a lucky wrist watch, a lucky wrist band, a lucky bike, a lucky waistband or a lucky T-shirt or dress or any other such object or thing. If you have one such object/thing in your life, never forget to use it on the days like the day of the meeting or an appointment or a date. Your day will get lucky.

3. Pass Smiles and No Hatred:-

Pass smiles to everyone you meet on the way. Sometimes, giving a rose or any other such flower to a small boy that you meet daily in the street can also work to make your day lucky enough.
Keep passing smiles as it is free from all taxes. Pass hatred for no-one and never feel jealous with anyone. When these two factors will get exchanged with smiles, your day will itself get lucky.

4. Be Frank and Bold:-

Be frank and bold. Never forget to hug the one who needs it and offer your shoulder to those who are sad or wish to cry. There is a great advantage with a hug. One size fits all and you never mind if someone asks you to return it back. When you adopt this kind of approach in life, you feel really lucky.

5. A Helping Hand for Others:-

Be a helping hand for others. No-one is born lucky. You become lucky when you make others feel lucky. Be ready to help whenever someone needs you. Leave home always with a positive feeling. Leave the hand of negativity. Shake hands with everyone whom you meet and be cooperative in office. People always remember your temperament towards them. When you help them in their bad time, they also help you in your bad time and when they come to offer you help, you really feel lucky.


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