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How to Bring Down a High Fever Quickly

How to Bring Down Fever


Fever is a rise in the temperature of body of an individual that may be because of some mosquito bite or sudden change in weather or exposure to the rain for much time or due to any other similar reason, but all the kinds of fevers are associated with rise in body temperature and as the body temperature increases in these situations, there is a great need to regulate that and it can be done following the tips that we are mentioning here in this article.

How to Bring Down a High Fever Quickly

How to Bring Down a High Fever

1. Go for an Ice Pack:-

It has been seen that fever associated an individual with a sudden rise in temperature that is noticeable with his head and the temperature change can be regulated using an ice pack in a better way. Simply take out some ice cubes, rub them against your head and get relieved against the problem of temperature rise.

2. Try Out Some Cool Bandages or Cotton Dip in Cool Water:-

Have a container kept with you, add some ice cold water to it and then dip some cool bandages in this water. Now these bandages dipped in cool water can be kept over your forehead to provide a cooling effect against the problem of fever to soothe you against the temperature change problem.

3. Look If It Has Resulted Because of a Mosquito Bite:-

In some cases the usage of cool bandages or the ice pack may also fail and these cases mean a mosquito bite has made you suffer from fever. In some of the cases of mosquito bite, the individual is likely to meet a sudden change in the body temperature in morning or evening and there will be a tremendous weakness felt by him in this case.

4. Regarding The Weakness And Blood Platelets:-

As I told you earlier, that in case you are suffering from a fever that has resulted because of a mosquito bite, it is sure that it will affect the count of your blood platelets as well and in such a case, you may choose to go for getting admitted to some hospital to get a supply of glucose or blood be injected into your body for better results.

5. Get the Medicines:-

It is my personal experience that I am sharing with you in this point. I was suffering from dengue and the course for the medicines of which had not been fully completed by me, but I was feeling alright and thus I stopped taking the rest of medicines as they made me felt like a patient but meanwhile I experienced typhoid as well.

The dengue was not fully done from my body and I invited typhoid along with it. This made my situation worse and I had to stay in hospital on blood and glucose injections for more than 2 Weeks. This can happen with you as well and thus you are advised to complete the course of medicines to avoid such cases from happening to you. Besides it, take proper rest and make yourself get comfortable with your schedule.


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