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6 Right Ways of Breathing Improves Your Life

How Right Way Of Breathing Improves Your Life


Breathing is a process of inhaling the air from air pipe and utilizing it for functioning of the body system. The air is taken in this process with nostrils or mouth and then it travels with the wind pipe and reaches the internal organ. It has been seen that if a perfect breathing strategy is followed, you stay hundred times away from health disorders generated due to improper breathing techniques. If you follow proper breathing technique, it does not only keeps you fit but also makes you last longer in bed. The proper way of breathing can be explained as follows:-

How Right Way Of Breathing Improves Your Life

6 Right Ways of Breathing Improves Your Life

1. Role of Breathing in Meditation:-

In every book of meditation that you read, you will find a point that when anyone is asked to meditate in any form, he or she is asked to take a few breaths first. In fact taking deep breaths is itself a kind of meditation as focusing on these breaths makes a person able to forget what had happened with him and he is able to divert his attention towards some other topic.

2. Role of Breathing in Sex or Physical Relationship:-

You must have noticed a change in breathing style when you are indulged in making sex with your partner. If I talk about non-sexual feelings, when your female partner blows air in one of your ears, a strange kind of feeling of happiness is experienced which is because of the secretion of happy hormone in the body.

3. Role of Breath in Treatment of Chronic Diseases:-

Time and again, it has been noticed that even in the cases of chronic disease, taking a deep breath can help us a lot in providing some kind of relief to the body. When we experience severe burns, we blow air out of our mouth and soon we feel relieved to some extent.

4. Helpful Against The Problem of Blood Pressure:-

If you are a patient of blood pressure, the doctor would have asked you to take less sodium and more potassium in your diet as it is an effective combination in lowering down the blood pressure, but if you take long inhales and exhales while breathing, you can lower down your blood pressure in an effective manner.

5. Role of Breath In Saving Life:-

When a person suffering drowning in water is saved by someone, but he/she still stays unconscious or his/her heart beat stops, we can try blowing air in his/her mouth with our mouth to bring that person back to life once again.

6. Helpful In Treatment/Diagnostic Options:-

When you reach a doctor in order to get treatment made, he asks you to take deep breaths while using his/her stethoscope to notice your heart beat. Breathing thus proves helpful in treatment purposes as well. It has rather been seen and noticed that Breathing Relaxes the Muscles and Keeps You Active for a longer period of time and thus it can also be counted as one of the good effects or benefits of breathing properly.


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