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How to Breathe Oxygen Properly

How to Breathe Oxygen in different Ways


Oxygen is the third most abundant element of this universe after Helium and Hydrogen. Oxygen gas is what we survive upon and which is emitted or exhaled by plants and trees taking carbon dioxide in return. Oxygen is a gas that we breathe in, and breathing is a process that moves the air in and out of human lungs and through gills in fishes. Even fishes take oxygen mixed with sea or river water in order to breathe and survive. Breathing is actually a part of respiration in which our respiratory system of the body is involved and thus if there is a lack of oxygen because of some ailment in our body, we are provided with an oxygen mask. The right way of breathing oxygen goes as follows:-

How to Breathe Oxygen Properly in different Ways

How to Breathe Oxygen Properly

1. Understanding the Body’s Oxygen needs:-

First of all, you should try to understand your body’s oxygen needs. If you look at the process of oxygen intake followed by the body, it always keeps one surplus molecule of oxygen available with it for adverse situations. We use both our nostrils as well as mouth for the purpose of breathing. The difference is just that we get purified air because of hair in the nose when we breathe with nose and we get unpurified air when we take it by mouth.

2. In Lack of Oxygen:-

When you are experiencing a lack of oxygen, your breath gets faster and deeper to overcome oxygen needs. This is the same reason why we experience deeper and faster breath while traveling or climbing mountains with high altitude. When we experience any disease like Asthma, this is the same reason for which we are provided with an inhaler.

3. Use a Concentrating Machine:-

The best suitable way to take oxygen is to use a concentrator machine. In such machines, the oxygen is stored under pressure in tanks or is produced with machines called oxygen concentrator. If you bring this approach in use, large tank of oxygen will be places in your house or clinic and then you can use electricity in order to produce oxygen and use it to fulfill your breath needs.

4. The Hospital Based Oxygen Masks:-

The hospital based oxygen masks use nasal cannula, a mask and a plastic tubing. The mask is placed on area of your nose and mouth. The plastic tubing wraps your ears and the two prongs are fitted to your nostrils. This structure can vary with each and every oxygen mask system. The main apparatus is either electric oxygen making machine or a cylinder of oxygen gas is placed in order to provide oxygen in such cases.

5. Just Inhale and Exhale:-

If you have no problem in breathing and you suffer from no breathing disorder, you can breathe like all others do. Just inhale and exhale. If you are at high altitude, just have a peg of alcohol or brandy and soon you will be able to control your breath in a customized manner.

6. Liquid oxygen inhalers:-

If you are experiencing a difficulty in breathing, you can manage to keep liquid oxygen inhalers with yourself to use it daily. Such inhalers take less space and are often cheaper than the big and bulky cylinders or concentrating machines available in the market.


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