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Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines And Prognosis

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines And Prognosis


The screening options in a breast cancer includes clinical and self examined breast exams, and techniques like mammography, genetic screening, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging etc.

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines And Prognosis

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines And Prognosis

A self examined breast analysis involves getting in front of the mirror and examining yourself for the lumps in the breasts or any other abnormalities, if any or clinical breast examinations that are performed by the professionals or the health care providers.

If a lump is large enough b to be found by physical examination, then it is much likely it would have been growing for several years and soon large enough to be found and thus it is large enough to be found in an exam. Memmographic screening that uses x rays to examine the affected portion of the breast for any hard mass or lump inside the breast is also a remarkable approach. During a memmographic screening, the affected portion of the breast is allowed to compress and pictures are clicked from different different angles.

Breast cancer prognosis:-

the stage at which the individual suffering from the cancer is undergoing through plays a very significant role in the prognosis of the breast cancer, being the oldest traditional methodology to prognosis it.

While staging for the breast cancer, the size of the lymph node is noted down along with its status and it is checked if the patient is encountering any metastatic disease or not ! The prognosis of breast cancer becomes poorer to practice with the increasing stage. The higher a stage is, the bad a prognosis becomes. The stage of the breast cancer is usually determined by calculating the invasiveness of the cancer spread to the lymph nodes, the chest wall and the skin or to the further parts.

It largely depends on how much the cell has become aggressive in nature. The more the aggressive a cell becomes, the harder it becomes to prognosis it.

The prognostic factors in the case of a person affected from breast cancer include the determination of the tumor size, the location of tumor inside the body and to check if the breast cancer has achieved a stage where the lymph nodes start getting affected and the cancer starts grabbing the other parts of the body . The factors like if the disease may occur again or not, or the age the person affected from it is living with and her health etc.


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