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How to Break Habit of Biting Nails

How to Break the Habit of Biting Nails


It has been observed that some people develop the habit of biting nails and nails being the dead cells do not even pain while they bite them as a result of which the nails get damaged with shape and it even looks awkward when you try biting off your nails in front of someone. Because of the fact that it looks awkward, some people might even look for the ways, adopting which they can easily be able to quit this habit of biting nails and this can be done as follows:-

How to Break Habit of Biting Nails

How to Break Habit of Biting Nails

1. Have Control over Your Activities:-

Try having a control over your activities first of all. Try having a feeling of self control over your activities as if you can get successful in having a feeling of self control, no other approach can prove to be so effective and helpful in helping you to have a control over your activities.

2. Acknowledge yourself with the Hazards of Biting Nails:-

Just imagine, we touch many things with our hands and there is always a place under your nails that carries some dirt even after you have washed your hands. When you try to bite your nails, this dirt goes straight away to your stomach and makes you even more prone to diseases which is why you should try to acknowledge yourself with the hazards that biting of nails may cause and thus you should choose to try putting a control over this activity that you are indulged in.

3. Try Applying Some Chilly And Salt Mixture Over Your Nails:-

In the villages of India, when a child does not stops biting his or her nails till a great span of time, the mothers would apply a mixture of chilly and salt over his nails so that when the child would try biting his nails, the burning sensation caused by the taste of chili to his tongue would prevent his hands from reaching his mouth and thus this habit would be bought in control.

4. Just Imagine About The Diseases That You Are Getting Inside Your Stomach:-

After you have made yourself familiar with the hazards that biting of nails may cause you, simply take your time to imagine about the hazards and germs that would invade your mouth when you try to bite your nails and the every single thought of biting nails would get eliminated from your mind like this.

5. These Are Not Just The Dead Cells But These Are Making You Dead Cells:-

In case there is a child in your surroundings who is habitual of biting nails, he needs to be consoled in a proper way, telling him what exactly these nails are. Begin telling him that these are dead cells and how these dead cells can become a way of adding germs to your body’s system and can make you ill besides it.

6. Meet an Expert:-

In case still no improvement is seen with the particular child or person, you may try out fixing an appointment with an expert and to get the child counseled in a proper way by him. There are also some medicines that can diminish this urge of a child to bite nails and can make this habit go away with time.


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