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How to Boost up Android Phone Speed

How to Speed Up Android Phone


Android is a smart phone/tablet compatible operating system which was developed in order to provide and unleash smart features to smart phones. The initial arrivals of such smart phones were equipped with a RAM as less as 512 MB and thus only a limited number of applications could be installed on an Android smart phone. These days the modern smart phones come equipped with powerful processors, A better GPU, a better memory specification and also the other such features of multi-tasking, but after some time of usage, the phone gets slow in many of the cases because of system based junk. In such cases you can easily speed up your Android phone following these simple tips:-

How to Boost up Android Phone Speed

How to Boost up Android Phone Speed

1. Remove the Applications not needed:-

The first approach to be followed in order to speed up an android phone, includes you to remove all the applications which are not needed in the phone. There are also some inbuilt applications which can’t be permanently uninstalled and instead you can just disable them. You can manage to uninstall the rest of other such applications.

2. Switch off the Background Data:-

If you go to your phone’s data settings, you will see that there is an option to enable or disable background data feature in your phone. When the background data is switched on, all the applications are able to use data and send you notifications even if you are not using them and thus the most of applications in your phone are still under operation. You can switch off the background data in order to prevent such applications from staying functional in the background. This saves the amount of RAM in use and thus your phone becomes speed boosted.

3. Install a RAM Booster or Switch off the Applications running:-

If you find the above mentioned approaches to be difficult, you can manage to download a RAM booster application on your phone. You can instead also download an application called clean master which makes it possible for you to boost RAM with just a single click and also makes it possible for you to delete the junk files or un-necessary files.

4. Check If There Is a Bend in Board:-

If your phone had recently fallen off from your hands and then its processing/functioning power got slowed down, your phone’s board might have experienced a bend in it. In such cases, nothing can be done if the mobile handset is out of warranty. All that you can do in such a case is to uninstall the majority of applications and to use the mobile handset just for calling purposes. You can also look for a spare part motherboard for your phone if available at some old stuff based website like OLX or Quikr.

5. Get It Factory Reset for One Time:-

In some other cases the user can also get a phone jail broken in order to re-customize its settings according to his personal preference removing the applications which are undesired in his handset. This will save the amount of RAM in use. In other cases you can first take the back-up of all your necessary data and then you can reset the phone by switching it to factory reset mode. This will clean up simply every sort of junk present in it and you will get the phone like it was when it came packaged from the factory to you.


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