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Bone Cancer Symptoms, Prognosis and Treatment

Bone Cancer Treatment,


Symptoms of Bone Cancer:-

Though many of the individuals are not likely to show any of the symptoms in the case of a bone tumor but the symptoms of a bone cancer include pain that becomes more and more gradual with time and keeps on increasing with the growth of the cancer tumour, being the most common of the symptoms of the bone cancer followed by the other symptoms like fatigue, fever, weight loss, anemia, and/or unexplained bone fractures or other unexpected symptoms may also occur like the development of a painless mass in the affected area or some of the bone tumors may even make week the bone structure causing the pathologic fractures.

Bone Cancer Symptoms, Prognosis and Treatment

Treatment of bone cancer:-

type of the bone tumor specifies the type of tumor that will be preferred to the patient. The two approaches used for the treatment of the bone cancer are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Both are applicable in the case of some of the tumors like ewing’s sarcoma but often practiced to a less extent in the other cases. The medication for the bone cancer or tumor includes the usage of medicines like metastron which is also known as “strontium-89 chloride” being an intravenous medicine that is purposefully provided to reduce the pain and can be given in an interval of three months.

One of the major things to be concerned about is the bone density loss, the person affected from bone tumor is much likely to be affected with a loss in the bone density. Another approach used to treat bone cancer is the surgical treatment of a bone tumor, it may be applied in some of the cases as limb amputation or limb surgery or limb sparing surgery or a limb salvage surgery. The main purpose of this process is to spare the limb out from amputation.

The affected bone might be removed out in two ways when the amputation is not practiced, the first being the bone graft , in this process the bone from elsewhere of the body is taken and the other process involves to put up an artificial bone in the affected area.

Prognosis of a bone tumor:-

the prognosis of a bone tumor largely depends on the type of the tumor. The result of the prognosis is desired to be favourable in the case of the people with benign type of tumors although some of the types of benign ones may become cancerous eventually depending upon the shape, size and the stage of the bone tumor.


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