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Why Bollywood Movies Are Released On Friday

Why Bollywood Movies Are Released On Friday


If we go with the bollywood trend of releasing movies, most of the movies are released on Friday. It is ok for the weekends to get the movies released, but why is it the Friday and not Saturday or Sunday? Most of the P.V.R’s get the movies featured first on Fridays and exceptional cases include the festivals like Diwali or Eid or Raksha bandhan etc. There are various facts why this happens with bollywood movies and some of which can be explained as follows:-

Why Bollywood Movies Are Released On Friday

Why Bollywood Movies Are Released On Friday

1. Friday Being The Last Day Of The Working Week:-

The first reason for the most of bollywood movies to be released on Fridays is that Friday is the last day of working week at most of the corporate sector offices with Saturday being a holiday. In some of the offices, even Friday is kept as a holiday and thus this is the possible reason why this is done.

2. Friday Being Good For Releases:-

Friday is believed to be the most auspicious day amongst all the seven days of a week and thus Friday is choosen the most of time for good things. To have a movie released on this auspicious day is believed to bring forward the better results with the movie’s box office career and thus Friday is chosen.

3. It Is a Traditional Trend:-

It has become a trend to release movies on Fridays with most of the producers and directors fixing the date of release to come on Fridays. Not just in India, but to have good jobs be done on Fridays in a trend with most of the other places as well.

4. To Make You Have A Perfect Weekend:-

Even in the case of people who have got Saturday as a holiday, Friday appears to be quite relieving in a way that Friday evening they can go out for a movie and then they can enjoy the Saturday along with their families at house or may even go for an outing.

5. On Friday you have both the time and money to spend:-

Friday being the pay-day in most of the places proves to be the best time for people to enjoy going out to PVR’s for movies. The employer that I had previously been working with also used to pay me on Fridays and Saturday and Sunday used to be a holiday. This can also be taken as a reason why movies are released on Fridays as after getting your weekly payment, you have got both the time as well as money to spend on movies.


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