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How Do You Measure Blood Pressure

How to Measure Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is the pressure experienced by the human heart while pumping blood. When heart has to pump blood really high, the condition is called high blood pressure and when the heart has to pump really low, it is called condition of low blood pressure. It can be explained as the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels. In order to determine blood pressure for a specific individual, you need to use a sphygmomanometer. You can purchase this device to use it at home as well. In order to measure blood pressure at home, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How Do You Measure Blood Pressure with Sphygmomanometer

Measure Blood Pressure with Sphygmomanometer

1. Set the apparatus:-

Set the apparatus on a quiet place so that you may be able to listen the heart beat properly. Make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Your bladder should be empty and thus you can go for toilet before measuring blood pressure. Now roll off sleeve of your arm while resting comfortably on a chair.

2. Tying a sphygmomanometer:-

Here comes the time to use a sphygmomanometer with your hand. Our main approach here is to locate your pulse and to note down the readings of sphygmomanometer. In order to locate the pulse, we will ask you to lightly press your index and middle finger to the centre of the bend of your elbow. This will serve as the same area where we will tie the sphygmomanometer cuff.

3. Securing the cuff:-

Thread the sphygmomanometer cuff end through the metal loop and slide it onto your arm. The head of device should be over your artery. The lower edge of the cuff should be kept 1 inch above the bend of elbow. You don’t have to keep it too tight but instead you have to tie the cuff in a normal and proper way.

4. Use bulb to inflate and deflate:-

There is a bulb attached with the sphygmomanometer which can be bought in use to inflate and deflate the cuff. Just hold the pressure gauge in one hand and the bulb in your right. You can turn the screw clockwise to close the airflow valve. You have hear the pulse in stethoscope while giving it an inflate and deflate.

5. Take readings while inflating and deflating:-

While inflating and deflating, we actually have to take the readings of pressure. Keep inflating the cuff until the gauge reads 30 points in mmHg and this will be the time you won’t be hearing any pulse in the stethoscope. Keep your eyes on the gauge while reducing the pressure opening the airflow valve. The gauge will fall 2-3 points with each heart beat now. Listen carefully and take down the readings.

6. Compare with the Normal Values:-

Once you have taken the readings for your blood pressure, you can compare it with the normal values to determine if it is high or low. You can consult your doctor about the food, time and way of measurement to double check the way of pressure measurement.


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