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How to Block Your SBI ATM Card

How to Block SBI ATM Card


State Bank of India is a name enough bank for all in a way that it provides world class banking services with a vast network of banks. The ATM service is also provided to the customers by this bank availing which they can withdraw money or make online payments or transactions within the go. In some cases,  if there is a theft of the ATM card or it has reached the hands that it is not supposed to reach in, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Block Your SBI ATM Card

How to Block Your SBI ATM Card

1. Call the Toll Free Helpline Number:-

There is a toll free number given at the back of every ATM card. The toll free number for State Bank of India is 1800-112-211/1800-425-3800 and this number can be dialed to get any sort of information associated with your account or ATM card. You can even use this number to talk to the customer care executives as well.

2. Request a Call to the Customer Care Unit:-

Dialing one of these numbers, you may be able to make a call to the dedicated customer care units of SBI. Now talking to the customer care executive you will have to mention that you wish your ATM card to be blocked and the reason why you wish to do that. The ATM blocking request would be forwarded after you specify your personal details.

3. Make Three To Four Wrong Attempts Of Password And It Would Get Blocked Itself:-

In cased the customer care does not gives you the desired specific response or says that you will have to reach the bank in order to get this done, you may simply reach the nearest SBI ATM and then make three to four wrong attempts to open your account entering wrong password. This would block your account temporarily for 24 hours and after that you may reach the bank to get it permanently blocked.

4. Type It In Reverse Order:-

In case you are forcefully compelled to take money out of your ATM or someone has asked you the password for your ATM forcefully, try out telling him the password in reverse order suppose the password for your ATM is 1234, tell it 4321 to the one who forces you to tell the password and when he enters the reverse order for ATM, The ATM would get blocked.

5. Reach the Nearest Bank Branch:-

Simply reach the nearest bank branch in your area to get the ATM card blocked with your account. The bank may ask you to provide your account details and for this purpose you should take your bank pass book along with yourself.


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