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Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail In 5 Easy Steps

How to Block Spam Mails in Gmail


Gmail is a product of Google inc. Company, which offers you instant mailing services. Google search engine and Google drive are also the products of the same company. Gmail was meant for those who wished to get in touch with each other via mails which were typed or generated by them and not their systems, but these days the spammers use malicious software to flood your inbox with junk mails using system generated mail based software and these spam mails often become a headache for you.

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail In 5 Easy Steps

Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

These mails also contain malwares and links of phishing based websites which seek to flood your system with unwanted content and in such cases, you can easily block such mails following these simple steps:-

1. Unsubscribe From The Sender:-

When you reach any website, there is often a message displayed on that website which reads “Subscribe to our newsletter”. When you click this message or fill-in your E-mail I.D, you become their victim as they start flooding your e-mail inbox with system generated mails. In such a case, you can visit the website again in order to unsubscribe from that website to stop receiving multiple email messages from that website.

2. Report the Message:-

If someone whom you don’t know is sending you the message, the best way to block such user is to report the message and the message will thus get moved to the spam folder. If Facebook based E-mails are troubling you, you can switch to a separate E-mail account for Facebook and you can keep a separate mailing account for personal use.

3. Move it to the Spam Box in Desktop Based Browser:-

If you are using Gmail opened in a desktop based browser, you can find the gear icon for settings at the top of Gmail and then you can click settings option in order to check filters and blocked addresses associated with your account. The filters enable you to prevent un-related users to send you spam E-mails and blocked addresses field contains the addresses of all spammers blocked by you.

4. Move it to the Spam Box in Your Android Smart Phone:-

Android phones come equipped with an Inbuilt Gmail application and in order to block mails over this application, you just have to make a long press with your finger over the desired mail and a list of options gets displayed over your phone’s screen. There is an option to report the mail sender within this menu. You can use this option in order to block any E-mail sender from sending E-mails on your ID.

5. Controlling And Managing The Spam:-

Often when you use spam based filters with your G-mail settings, it even blocks some mails that you wish to receive taking them to be fake users. If you are expecting the arrival of some Email message which is send from the other side, but has not reached yet, you can check the spam folder to mark its presence or absence. Actually, when the Gmail filters think a mail to be inappropriate for you, it automatically stores it in the spam box and in such cases you have to keep checking this folder in order to look about the mails that you need from blocked users.


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