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5 Simple Ways to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

How to Disable Pop-Ups in Chrome


Chrome is one of the ultra-lightning fast browsers that much of us prefer to use on our computers. It is one of the products of the Google Inc. Company famous for its other products like Google search engine, Google drive, Google playstore, Gmail etc. There are some pop-up ads displayed while surfing the internet in any browser and same is the case with chrome as well. These advertisements are automated and any browser does not have a hand in it, but chrome has a hand in helping you to get rid of such hands and making some simple changes with the settings of this browser, you can easily disable pop-up advertisements in this browser following these simple steps:-

5 Simple Ways to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

How to Block Pop Ups on Google Chrome

1. Open up the Browser:-

In order to disable the pop-up ads in Google Chrome web browser, you will first need to physically run the browser and in order to do the same; you will have to click its shortcut icon on your desktop in order to run it with admin. You can also locate for Google chrome by entering the start menu and finding its name in all program option.

2. Select the “Settings” Option:-

On the right hand side top portion of your browser window, there is a Google chrome menu gear. You have to click this Google Chrome menu gear in order to reach the user settings. The third last option in this menu list will be the settings option which will be located just above the option for chrome help

3. Click “Show Advanced Settings” Option:-

When settings menu gets opened in your browser, you will see a number of options like sign-up, appearance search, people etc. if you come from top to bottom and you will see the options like history, extensions and settings if you look towards your left. You don’t have to reach the menu options towards your left and instead you have to reach the bottom of settings page now where you will see an option for advanced settings. This option will read as “Show advanced settings” and you have to click this option in order to reach the pop up settings.

4. Select Content Settings:-

When you make a click on “Show advanced settings” option, your settings menu will get expanded. There will be an option to set chrome as your default browser displayed on screen and just below this option will be the option to change content settings. You have to click this option now.

5. Select “Do Not Allow Any Site to Show Pop-Ups” Radio Button:-

When you click this option, you will get a short menu kind of box displayed on screen where you can make changes with cookies, images, JavaScript or even pop-ups. In the pop-up section of this menu option you have to select “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups radio button”.

After selecting this option you can click the “done” button provided at the end of this menu. When you click the “Done” button, the same previous screen will appear before you and below the content settings option you will see a list of check-box based options will be displayed on screen and fifth option amongst these options will read as “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites”. Check this option and save the settings. The pop-up ads will get disabled. If still the advertisements are getting shown, your computer must be infected with a malware.


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