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How to Tell If You Are Bleeding From the Scalp

How to Tell If You Are Bleeding From the Scalp


Scalp is that portion of your head where hairs are rooted in.  It is an anatomical area bordered by the face in front and by the neck at the sides and back where the hairs are found or located. There are five layers with it that form its composition. Often a term called “Bleeding of scalp” is brought into use while addressing to hair/scalp based problems and if you are confused about it in your case and if you wish to know whether you are suffering from it or not, here are some ways in which you can exactly tell if you are bleeding from the scalp or not:-

How to Tell If You Are Bleeding From the Scalp

How to Tell If You Are Bleeding From the Scalp

1. Are you experiencing loss of vision:-

The familiar people tell that bleeding of scalp is often likely to result in a loss of vision. If your vision is perfect, you can manage to look at your head yourself or you can reach at some barber’s shop to make him have a look at your head and scalp. There are some barber shops where front facing mirrors are positioned. These can also help you find problems with your scalp yourself.

2. Ask someone to assist you:-

If you are at your house and you can’t manage to go outside, just ask your partner or any other individual in the house to have a look at your scalp. If no-one is around, just rotate the rear view mirror of your motorcycle to take it out and then stand in front of your dressing table taking the rear view mirror in your hands. This will make it easy for you to groom your head and scalp easily.

3. Know what you are locating:-

You are locating the clots or spots of blood on your head. Some people misconfuse bleeding of scalp as some disease where they won’t find bleeding in head, but instead the head would be found becoming red in color from somewhere. Well, if this is your thinking you are mistaken. Bleeding of scalp means finding the blood spots in areas of your scalp.

4. If you still feel confused:-

If you still feel confused, find or research about the contact of best hair/scalp specialist in your district/town/city and reach his clinic to have fixed an appointment. Just make him have an inspection of your head and he will clearly tell you what you are suffering from. Also, do not forget to get the medicines recommended from him as well.

5. Take Care of Your Scalp:-

Sometimes, some people try to scratch the places with presence of blood on their scalp. This can make your situation pathetic and you should never try to scratch the bleeding area. You should not even touch the site till you do not meet your doctor and get the medicines recommended from him. Take every sort of care with your scalp to avoid making the problem worse.


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