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How Birth Control Pills are Dangerous For Health

How Are Birth Control Pills Bad For Health


Indian society is a society that never accepts an illegitimate child which becomes the first reason why a woman starts taking birth control pills in order to safeguard her against getting pregnant. The second one includes her home based conditions, her health conditions and other such conditions. A woman takes birth control pills simply to safeguard her from getting pregnant. It has often been seen that the women who takes these pills at a high level often complaints about some changes in her body which is why birth control pills are considered bad for a woman. Let us discuss all those reasons today.

How Birth Control Pills are Dangerous For Health

How Birth Control Pills are Dangerous For Health

1. Triples Your Chances of Having A Blood Clot:-

According to a study, the cases of blood clotting are reported only with a small number of women who do not take birth control pills. The cases of blood clotting are reported the most with women who take birth control pills in their daily lifespan.

2. Spotting Is Observed In Some Cases:-

The traces of patches and spotting are observed with a woman’s skin, sometimes as a sign of side effect because of taking birth control pills which react after getting inside the body. Such side effects can really get irksome if women mistakenly take them to be the sign of some other disease, making her suffer mental effects besides physical effects.

3. It Can Permanently Take Away Your Chances Of Being A Mother:-

According to a survey if a woman takes birth control pills frequently and in an uncontrolled manner, her chances to become a mother get reduced and it can permanently take away her chances of being a mother. Such a woman has to suffer both physical as well as emotional side effects of taking birth control pills.

4. Your Mood Gets Adverse:-

In most of the cases, birth pills follow a state of prolonged anxiety. The state of mind of such a woman is also adverse and she also reports some physical changes to her body. She experiences the condition of nausea in most of the cases and thus birth control pills prove bad in such cases.

5. What actually happens:-

When you consume a birth control pill, it actually injects a synthetic hormone in your body. Many of such pills contain excessively high level of estrogen hormone and an excess of such hormone makes an adverse effect on the pituitary gland making the uterine lining get thickened because of this effect. This is also reported with the additional symptoms afterwards.

6. Breasts Get Enlarged:-

Women who consumed birth control pills reported changes with their breasts as well. They experienced a change in the size of their breasts. Their breasts got enlarged and tender. According to a survey, consuming birth control pills also decreases libido which proves to reduce your chances of male attraction as well as the chances of getting pregnant in future if taken in an access. These pills also can cause a hormonal access in some of the cases which are responsible for many other such side effects like the ones that we have told in this article.


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